How the Whatsapp Business app (free) for Android works

whatsapp business account Starting today you can download and install the Whatsapp Business application on your smartphone, a special version of Whatsapp dedicated to companies, companies, shops, associations, and groups of all kinds.
Whatsapp Business works exactly like normal Whatsapp, It’s free, only that the account, which must always be linked to a mobile phone number, is dedicated to communications from companies, organizations, shops, and companies.
The main difference between normal Whatsapp and the Business application is in the profile page: while the personal one contains only Name, status, and photo, that of the Business account becomes a real one business card, with all the information needed to be recognized and found by customers: name, logo, photo, description, opening and closing times, website, email address, etc.

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Whatsapp Business can be downloaded for free just for Android smartphone (the iPhone version is coming and I will update this line as soon as available).

For those who want to try it now, it is important to note that it cannot be used if normal Whatsapp is already installed on the phone and you want to use the same number.
This is also because Whatsapp Business must be linked to a phone number.
To use Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business on your smartphone together there are two alternatives, either you use a dual sim phone with the two numbers, or you can activate a Business account using a number of landline phones.
If you choose to use Whatsapp Business with the same normal Whatsapp account, it is possible, at the first start, to transfer all the data from the Whatsapp account to the Business account so as not to lose the history of the previous chats.
This migration from Whatsapp to Whatsapp Business, however, is not reversible and you cannot return to normal Whatsapp from Whatsapp Business.

To configure the Whatsapp Business account on the new application installed, press the button of the three dots on the top right, access the settings and then press Activity settings.
You can then fill out the Profile and write the name, description, business category, opening hours, website, email address, shop address (if any) and then save the card.
In Whatsapp Business Settings it is also possible to configure settings customized automatic replies, then a message to be sent in case we are absent and a welcome message.
The message of absence is sent when you set the status not available on the chat and if we are not online.
The welcome message is automatically sent to those who contact us the first time or two weeks after the last conversation.

For everything else, Whatsapp Business is the same as normal Whatsapp: you can send messages to individuals, participate in groups, send the same message to many people, make phone calls and video calls, send files, photos, and documents of any kind and even use Whatsapp Web.

The purpose of Whatsapp Business, therefore, is to provide a communication tool for companies that differs from that of a person, who represents an entity or an organization, for communication, support and even advertising purposes.
Unfortunately, WhatsApp Business can only be used on a phone and cannot, therefore, be shared between members, colleagues or employees of a company, making the application much more limited than Telegram, which instead allows shared company accounts.


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