We do not know if 5G is present in our area? Let's find out together.

5G coverage 5G is the new frontier of smartphone connection technology, capable of providing high Internet connection speeds (comparable to FTTH optical fiber) and superior stability compared to previous technologies (4G and 4.5G).
This technology is not yet very widespread on the Italian territory, given that operators are moving to update the antennas already present, but it is already possible to navigate with this network in some large Italian cities (obviously with the smartphone compatible with 5G).
In this guide we will show you how to check 5G coverage on the entire Italian territory, using the coverage maps provided by telephone operators who already offer 5G (at the time of writing only TIM and Vodafone) and using the maps created through user reporting.

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How to check 5G coverage

The best ways to check coverage of the new 5G technology are offered directly by operators who have the 5G network, that is TIM is Vodafone (other operators at the time of writing do not yet offer this technology).
In addition to the coverage maps of the operators, we can also use sites dedicated to collecting data on the new antennas, provided through user feedback. Obviously in the latter case we will not have the certainty of having 5G coverage, given that the antennas may be present but not yet active.

5G Vodafone coverage

The best site we can use to check 5G coverage is offered by Vodafone, thanks to a handy interactive map.
5G Vodafone

By pressing on the icon 5G we will immediately see the current coverage of the new technology on the Italian territory; if we want to make the search even more precise, all we have to do is enter the name of the municipality in the search field and press the icon in the shape of a magnifying glass.
If we have the Vodafone app installed on our smartphone (available free for Android and iPhone), we can also check the coverage from there by opening the app, pressing the bottom right on the item Menuby selecting the menu Coverage maps and checking if the 5G network is present in our location.
Vodafone mobile

In case the new network is present we will find the entry 5G accompanied by the indication Available, otherwise we will find the indication Not available. Also in this case we can also check the coverage for other cities by typing the name in the search bar at the top.

5G TIM coverage

If we are interested in the coverage of the new 5G network managed by TIM, just check if our city is on the list provided by the site dedicated to the new technology.
5G Tim

Currently there are no other methods to verify the coverage of the TIM network, given that in the coverage map provided by the site there is still no indication on 5G (at the time of writing, report the technology to the maximum 4GPLUS).
Tim coverage map

We are sure that in the coming months this map will be updated and will also provide 5G coverage data for the other areas of Italy not currently covered by the new generation network.

5G coverage map of nPerf

One of the best external services that allow you to verify 5G coverage is nPerf, which offers an overview of coverage in Italy and around the world.

Cities and areas covered by 5G are indicated by small purple areas and are constantly updated. The coverage currently reported by the service it is very faithful and reflects the coverage offered by operators of telephony indicated in the previous chapters: with the passing of the months this map will show more and more coverage areas and, if we are interested in navigating in 5G, all we have to do is wait patiently for the activation or installation of the new antennas.
We have also talked about nperf in depth in our articles Check your internet connection speed is Cellular data network test app.

5G coverage map of coverage5g.it

The last site we can check to check the coverage of 5G in our area is coverage5g.it.

This map is updated thanks to the data provided by users, which show the position of the alleged 5G antennas, without indicating whether they are active or not. In fact we will have to take the information on the site with pliers: in addition to relying on information provided on a voluntary basis, the presence of a 5G antenna is not synonymous with a secure connection, since the antenna may still be off or in the process of being testing.
The map can still be useful to understand if 5G technology will arrive in our area, so as to be ready as soon as the operators activate the antennas.

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Even if 5G technology is only in its infancy, it is already possible to benefit from it in large Italian cities, as long as you have a smartphone compatible with the new cellular data network. If we are not among the lucky ones to live in the cities already covered by 5G, let's not despair: over the next few months more and more antennas will be activated and the coverage will increase visibly, going to cover more and more provinces and cities alive.
To check if our area will be covered, we can also rely on the data offered by coverage5g.it, but without relying too much on it: the coverage maps of the telephone operators and the interactive map offered by nPerf are authentic.

To check the coverage of the high-speed cellular data network (LTE or 5G), just read the information and apps provided in our guides Coverage map for mobile phones and internet (Tim, 3, Wind, Vodafone) is Speed ​​connections from mobile: 3G (UMTS), HSPA, 4G (LTE) and 5G.
If, on the other hand, we are interested in the coverage of the optical fiber for the fixed connection at home or in the office, we can read our articles Fiber coverage for TIM, Fastweb, Vodafon, WindTre and others is App to check fiber optic coverage.


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