How do you find a person on the internet and all information and photos using special search engines and, above all, on Facebook.

Find personAnyone who uses the Internet can theoretically be traceable, although the type of information and the amount of data that can be found about a person depends a lot on how much they have written or left visible. While it is certainly possible find a person on the Internet and find information about him, this can only be done if this person has registered on some site, possibly of a social network type, and which has not, intentionally or by forgetfulness, set a high level of data privacy. The important thing is to have at least one of these elements: the mobile phone number, the name and surname or even just the email address to start a good search on the web.

To find a person, we recommend using some special research sites and not to underestimate social networks, since practically any person who surfs the Internet has at least one social account or has used their name, email or nickname on some site or forum.

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1) Facebook

Facebook it is the first site to go to to find information about a person because it allows you to search for them even just by their name or just by their surname. Each registered person, who has not configured the privacy settings in order not to be found on Facebook, can be found simply by opening a Facebook profile and pressing the magnifying glass icon, so as to be able to access the internal search engine.

Furthermore on Facebook you can do research to find everything using it in English, with a search engine, much more powerful than the standard one of the Italian version, perfect for finding people using every known detail.

2) WhatsApp

WhatsApp can be a valuable tool for do online searches for people by mobile number. So if we only have a person’s phone number (without name and surname), just add it to our phone’s address book, open the WhatsApp app, press the button to open new chats and search for the new phone number, so as to obtain a photo and often other useful information about the person we are looking for (in the Bio of the app we can find everything).

To learn more we can also read our guide Hide online activities and personal info on WhatsApp.

3) PeekYou

PeekYou is a site that proposes itself as a search engine for people. You can try to find someone by their first and last name, their nickname, their phone number or their email. From the search bar you can also expand a menu of options to indicate other details useful for finding more precise matches, for example by entering the place where this person lives or habitually resides.

This search engine aggregates all public results from social networks or other news sites by creating a page with all the details and links useful for knowing more information.
It is also good at finding photos of that person, if they are featured on a site like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Tumblr or others.

4) TinEye

TinEye it can be a convenient site to search for people starting from a photo we have. The site is one of those for find similar photos and images, therefore not dedicated to searching for names.

However, if you can recognize a face in the photo, it may be that other photos of that same person appear among the results, with links to the sites where they have been uploaded.

5) Dive3000

If we have the mobile number of the person we are looking for, we can start a search on the Dive3000 website, a real search engine for mobile phone numbers.

To use the service it is necessary to register for free: after registration we can start a search starting from any telephone number, so as to find out if it belongs to a specific person (with a full name and surname). These registers are public and are shared continuously on the web: it takes very little to end up in this list, so it is advisable to be careful when providing permissions for privacy or to activate some free service.


Another very useful service for finding a person on the Internet is, an all-around search engine capable of identifying any person starting from a name and surname.

This site allows you to search simultaneously on all social networks, but also expands the search on professional sites (such as LinkedIn), academic sites, blogs, Google, government and regional sites, so as to find a precise match on the web. The site works best with foreign names, but can also be particularly useful for searching for Italian people.

7) White Pages

If the telephone number in our possession is present in the classic telephone directory, we can use the digital version of Pagine Bianche to trace the name and surname of the person.

This list proves extremely effective in particular for finding professionals or for finding people who have a landline number and have chosen to appear in the telephone directory using the appropriate form.

8) Sync.ME

Another very interesting service to find a person on the Internet starting from the telephone number is Sync.ME, a free service that allows you to obtain detailed information from public directories on the web in a few simple steps, so as to obtain name and surname (often also the email) of the person associated with that number.

The service also works well for Italian numbers, so it is worth taking into consideration if we are looking for an Italian person or one who resides in Italy.

9) Webmii

In case we only know the surname of the person, we can try to do a search on the Webmii site. This advanced search engine crosses all the names and surnames present on social networks and other sites, so as to show relevant results for the surname searched.

By providing other data we can always narrow the search and find the person we are looking for, as long as they have numerous public profiles or if they have signed up to many social networks during their computer or digital life.

10) Traditional search engines

For this purpose, we do not underestimate the power of search engines such as Google and Bing: in fact, by entering all the information in our possession (name, surname, email address or telephone number) we will be able to search for most of the people who have a life. social, regardless of the type of privacy set on social media or on the sites it has frequented over the years.

Often the best searches on people come out of traditional search engines, which really index anything with great simplicity (for many even too much, given how easy it is to violate the privacy of many people who perhaps we only know in passing).


As easy to understand from the chapters above, privacy on the Internet is a relative concept: the mere fact of being registered on social networks or having two or more e-mail accounts exposes us to any type of research, it is enough only to use the right tools to be searched and to look for a person of whom we know little data.

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