How to leave a Whatsapp group or deactivate all groups

Leaving a Whatsapp group is easy to do, less so to say.
The problem, in fact, is not so much how to get out of a group in Whatsapp, but rather how to do it in such a way no longer added to that group so avoid going back and having to go out again.
Moreover, in some cases, it could be a move not really appreciated by the other participants of the group, especially if they are people we know well, who could perhaps be hurt by our disinterest.
We must, therefore, find a way to stop making that group virtually invisible on our Whatsapp.READ ALSO: A guide to Whatsapp group options.

The Whatsapp groups have become, by now, a constant of life and I believe that all or almost all have been added to some group of friends to share in private (more or less) images to laugh or various comments on anything.
If it is true that they can be fun and are a way to be with friends even without a meeting, it is also true that sometimes they can be annoying, especially if you have been included in many groups of the same type and the phone always keeps receiving messages every minute.

How to leave a Whatsapp group?

To leave a group to which you are participating in Whatsapp, all you need to do is open the group chat and then tap on the title to enter the Group Info, scroll down the screen, and tap on Leave group.
In Whatsapp Web, this option is found by pressing the button with three dots at the top right.
Clearly, if you leave the group, there is no way to hide it from others and the message that “Claudio has abandoned” will appear to everyone
There is no way to leave a group momentarily, even if you can always ask for a new invitation from the administrator and say that you are wrong.
Note that you can leave a group even as an administrator and Whatsapp; in this case, the role of the administrator will be taken by a random participant.

NOTE: If you are a Whatsapp group administrator, you can delete it, even if all participants must first be removed.
Then open the Group info, touch and hold on the various participants and then remove them.
Once you have removed them all, delete the chat history (see bottom of the article), go back on Group Info, and press the key to eliminate the group forever.
the former participants will still be able to read the messages sent by the group before the cancellation.

Hide a Whatsapp group or act as if it were not there

Instead of leaving the group, in some cases, you can simply turn it off.
Deactivating a WhatsApp group means that, for a certain period, the notifications of that group will be silenced and will not bother us.

For silence, a WhatsApp group, search for the groups we want to deactivate in the chat list and for each, touch and hold.
Then, from the list of icons that appear at the top, press the barred speaker icon, which allows you to silence that WhatsApp group.
Immediately after touching the icon, a small pop-up window gives the option to turn off notifications for that group for 8 hours, 1 week, or 1 year.
Also, just below these options, there is a box that lets you indicate if we want to remove notifications that are shown on the screen when new messages arrive.
Once the corresponding option is chosen, the selected WhatsApp groups will not show any notification and will not emit any sounds or vibrations whenever someone sends a message.

You can also disable all WhatsApp groups at the same time.
From the chat tab, tap the menu button to access the Whatsapp settings, go to Notifications, and then scroll down to find the section Groups.
Here you can tap Tone Notifications to choose None and set notifications of silent groups.
Below you can also turn off the vibration and light of the notifications to make them disappear completely.
In this way, all WhatsApp groups will be muted and deactivated, even without leaving them.

Also, don’t forget to disable the automatic download of photos and video receipts, otherwise, even if we don’t see the notifications of a group, the phone’s memory will still be clogged by these shared files.
To do that, go in Settings> Data usage and archive.

Finally, if you want to hide a group from the chat list, you can file.
Keep in mind though, that storing in Whatsapp only means setting it aside and at the first message you receive in that group, it will return to the top of the list.

Prevent being added to groups in Whatsapp

For the moment it is not possible to prevent being added to a group because the groups cannot be blocked as it can be done with contacts.
However, if the group administrator is blocked, he will not be able to add us.
In the event that the group has more administrators, then it will be necessary to block them all.

In another article, the guide on what it means block people on Whatsapp.
Keep in mind that deleting someone from the phone book is not the same as locking it and that it can still be added.
If a participant of the group is blocked, this person will not be prevented from writing into the group and his messages will be equally visible to us too.

The best solution remains that of silence notifications of the Whatsapp group to which we would not really want to participate.
Of course, the messages will be the same as received, but we could also ignore them since no warning will appear on the smartphone.
Notifications can be blocked for one year, after which, the block must be repeated for another year and so on.

Finally, it is certainly possible to delete the entire message history of a group.
Without exiting, open the group chat, tap the options button at the top right, go to “Other” and then on Cancel chat.
The cancellation concerns only our Whatsapp and not that of other group participants.

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