How to recover WhatsApp PIN and password

PIN Password WhatsAppWhatsApp is the most used and “spied” app in the world: it is therefore not surprising that to make it more secure, the developers have decided to introduce two-step verification and the ability to set a password for cloud backup, so as to make it very difficult to steal the account even if someone manages to access our phone number (perhaps with advanced techniques such as SIM Swap).The problem arises when we forget the WhatsApp PIN or password: in this case, even if we are the legitimate owners of the account, we risk being left out of our chats.

Fortunately, it is possible to reset your WhatsApp PIN and password in a fairly simple and painless way, taking care to use one of the backup methods offered by the app itself in order to correctly restore the forgotten PIN or password.

In the guide that follows we will show you how to reset your WhatsApp PIN and password using both the tools provided by the app itself and the tools provided by the operating system (in case we used an unlocking system based on a system PIN).

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Reset WhatsApp PIN

To restore the PIN used for two-factor authentication on WhatsApp, open the WhatsApp app, press on the item Forgotten PINinsert the email used when registering the two-factor authentication, open the chosen email address and click on the link contained in the email sent directly from WhatsApp.

When the link is opened, we press the confirmation button to remove the two-step verification on our account, so that we can re-access the app again without having to provide the PIN (now forgotten).

Immediately after obtaining access to WhatsApp, we immediately restart the two-step verification, in order to guarantee maximum security for the account, taking care to choose an easy-to-remember PIN this time.

I forgot my recovery email: how to do it?

If we do not remember the login credentials of the email address used for the recovery or we have not set up any emails for the recovery (in the initial two-step login setup), the only thing we can do is wait 7 days so you can press on Forgot PIN -> Reset.

This procedure will lead to the cancellation of the old account: we will therefore lose all messages written up to that moment, even if we can certify the number for two-step access only after 30 days (as a security system against data and personality theft).

The advice we can give you is to never forget your PIN e you always set a reset email so that you can regain access to your account.

Reset WhatsApp backup password

WhatsApp offers the ability to enable the backup crittografato end-to-end so that no recovery system can access the message backup (especially with the recovery systems available on PC).

If we forget the password of the encrypted backup (required when we change phone and want to restore the backup) we can easily reset the password of this function by taking us to the phone still associated with WhatsApp (before moving the SIM and configuring the new phone), by pressing on the menu Settings by clicking on the menu Chatby pressing on the menu Backup of chats selecting Backup crittografato end-to-end and finally pressing on Change Password.

In the new window we click on the item I forgot my password we perform the security verification by fingerprint or two-factor authentication PIN then enter the new password for backup protection.

After changing the password, we wait for the new backup to be uploaded to the cloud, so let’s go to the new phone, type in the phone number, log in with the account used for the backup (Google or iCloud) then type the new password to restore the encrypted backup successfully.

Reset system PIN

Many users prefer to protect access to WhatsApp via PIN or system password: in this way, anyone who has access to the device will still have to enter the password or PIN to access (while we will be able to log in quickly using the fingerprint or unlocking with the face).

If by any chance we forgot the system password on android many phones allow you to change it using the manufacturer’s account as a recovery system.

On Xiaomi phones, we can proceed by opening the PIN or Password entry screen and pressing Forgot password. On other systems the procedure is different and not always so simple: it is, therefore, better to never forget the system password, given its importance.


The WhatsApp PIN and password are really very useful to increase the security of the WhatsApp account and prevent anyone from using our account on other phones or from accessing the backup we have kept in the cloud; unfortunately, these different passwords and PINs can be easily forgotten by hasty and careless users, who would find themselves in trouble when transferring the WhatsApp account from one phone to another.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of methods to restore lost passwords and, in most cases, you need to use the recovery email indicated when activating the two-step access.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to Hide Whatsapp messages, chats, and contacts or how to protect WhatsApp by blocking access with a PIN or password.


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