After having announced several news in favor of ordinary users, and published a paper on in-platform marketing for small businesses, Instagram is also at the center of numerous rumors.
Instagram: many in-roll-out news, papers for small businesses, rumors about future improvements

Beginning with a bang or almost the week of Instagram which, after having paid attention to small businesses with a useful paper, has dedicated itself to common users, to whom it has destined several roll-outs, then setting to work to carry on the development of further improvements .

The first news in Instagram share of this week’s start concerns a small 8-page guide (“How to grow and scale your small business”) that Menlo Park dedicated (for free) to small businesses to help them in marketing, using the tools made available by Instagram. This guide, created in collaboration with Mimi Striplin (The Tiny Tassel, jewelry, clothing, accessories), Natália Camargo (Estilo 4 olho, eyewear), Trinity Mouzon Wofford (Golde, health and beauty brand), aims to increase the presence online of brands with an overview of the functions and with suggestions obviously in favor of Instagram: specifically, the mini-guide is divided into three sections, with the 5 suggestions of “Driving awareness and creating communities”, the basic notes of ” Get your next customer ”, and the analysis of“ customer excitement and sales growth ”by leveraging the presence on IG.

Moving on to the more concrete news for the mainstream audience, Instagram has implemented some changes to the Reels editor: now, in fact, it is easier to edit the clips. Just tap on its thumbnail and “shrink the specific segment you want to crop on”. Furthermore, taking advantage of the arrival of the “Reorder mode”, within the editing process, it is also possible to reorder each of your clips.

The photo-sharing platform then confirmed the launch of various innovations, indeed already anticipated in the past by the leaker Alessandro Paluzzi: in this case, the possibility of starting surveys in group chats was confirmed, using a special sticker, to be able to send messages to friends (even at night) without an annoying notification as long as you accompany the message with @silent. the top bar in DM private messages to see who is free to chat. Of less importance is the official character of a new chat theme, Lo-Fi, to give a more personal touch to your conversations.

On the subject of indiscretions, again from the reverse engineering of Paluzzi it emerged that Twitter is working to show, on the details page of the NFT-based profile image, the verified owners and to include, in the page of a place, the tab for the related Reels. In addition, it seems that the blue canary is still dedicating himself to his Digital Collectibles (NFT), with a post to share his collection of digital works of art, without neglecting the function to show a status to some friends, enriching it with music and various options (location, reading, playing, celebrating, talking, etc), and the one to add more links to your bibliography, being able to reorder them with a simple drag.


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