Whatsapp on pc Who uses smartphones iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone, knows and I hope uses the WhatsApp instant messaging service, the application that allows you to send free messages to friends and any contact in the address book (which uses Whatsapp in turn) using the connection Internet.
As written in a previous article on free messages between mobile phones from WhatsApp, this application is really replacing the traditional SMS just because it is free and extremely functional.
It is linked to the mobile number (not to an Email account) and, therefore, can only be used on a supported mobile device.UPDATE: Now you can chat on Whatsapp via the web from any computer and is also available official Whatsapp chat program for PC and MacThe guide that follows can still be useful for those who do not have an iPhone or an Android phone, a Blackberry, a Nokia s60 or a Windows Phone and cannot use this application to send and receive messages, can still use WhatsApp from a Windows computer via the Bluestacks Android emulator.As already explained in the past, Bluestacks allows you to use Android applications (Apk) on Windows and Mac.
While on Mac it is still in a locked version, on Windows BlueStacks almost allows you to have an Android phone on your computer to download and install various applications and games.
All are supported so even Whatsapp works (until Bluestacks Pro comes out, then it may be paid for), albeit with some contraindication.

After downloading and installing BlueStacks on Windows PC then, you can open the Android interface which will be identical to the main screen of a tablet or mobile phone, except that you cannot make phone calls and send SMS.
There is however a search box to find and install the various market applications.
It, therefore, becomes very simple install WhatsApp for free and, if the notification appears at the top, update it from Google Play.
Alternatively, you can also download the apk installation file from the official website, save it in any folder, right-click on it and choose to install it on Bluestacks.

Once installed, click on the WhatsApp application to launch it, accept the contract and enter your mobile number.
The number should be checked so, after a while, you should receive an SMS on your phone (which may not even be Android) which will then be written to the application.
If the waiting time is over without any confirmation message, you can verify by receiving a call.
After verification, you can use Whatsapp and chat with friends as you would with an iPhone or any other supported smartphone, directly from the pc.

An annoying problem is that Whatsapp on PC does not synchronize with the same application installed on other phones so you will not be able to read the history of messages sent and received in the past.
Moreover, since Bluestacks does not support the phonebook, it will be necessary to add contacts manually from the top-left button (near the left arrow) writing the phone number with which the friend has registered.

There is also one contraindication for those who already use Whatsapp from their mobile phone.
As this application can be performed, for each person, only on one platform at the same time, if you are already using it on your smartphone, it will be disconnected.
If you use WhatsApp on your PC, you should turn off your phone’s Internet connection so that WhatsApp on your phone does not remain in operation.
To reactivate the app on the phone it may be necessary to check the number again.


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