iOS 17.1.1 is coming and it will fix some issues on iPhone

The new update ad iOS 17.1 was released to the public exactly two weeks ago with some new features. These concerned AirDrop, Apple Music and other aspects.

At the moment, however, there is already persistent talk about iOS 17.1.1 con Apple which plans to make many bug fixes. The goal, however, is not only this: in Cupertino they are also working to implement improvements in terms of performance.

As always, users can’t wait for all this to arrive and apparently they could be satisfied very soon. In fact, some signals from well-informed sources indicate that the update will be released as soon as possible.

iOS 17.1.1 is on the way, Apple ready to release the update soon

According to what was reported by an anonymous Twitter account that had previously dealt with the details regarding the upcoming software updates, it gave some previews regarding iOS 17.1.1.

This is an account that generally publishes new information exactly before the release of the expected update. At this point everything seems safe: the new update is on the way this week.

Many devices have been identified within the Analytics data that are already running the new version of the software: this suggests that the time is near. But what will be the news?

There are really many possibilities, as Apple has quite a few problems to solve. Apple has announced that with the upcoming iOS 17.2, currently available in beta version, it will resolve the slowdowns Wi-Fi and the problems of connectivity that afflict some users who own an iPhone. iOS 17.1.1, for its part, may include this fix sooner.

Apple is also investigating a new bug that, according to users, would cause some iPhones to suddenly shut down during the night. The other problem concerns deactivating the chip NFC when smartphones are charged wireless inside some cars BMW.

In short, there are so many new features but it is not known if they will all be included in this new release.


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