iOS 17: the feature

Among the various new features introduced by iOS 17, there are improvements to functionality “Visual Search”. For those who don’t know it, it’s a feature that identifies items in photos taken showing additional information that may be useful. Well, in the latest major update of the iPhone operating system, the functionality has been expanded to recognize i symbols visible on car dashboards.

iOS 17’s “Visual Search” feature also provides details on car warning lights

During the presentation of iOS 17, Apple stated that “Visual Search”, among other things, can help the user find recipes for dishes similar to those photographed or search for information about objects in a frame of a video. However, he did not mention its usefulness for all those who have a car.

As pointed out by Chance Miller of 9to5macthe feature of iOS 17 can identify the symbols and icons that populate car dashboards. And it can do this even if there are multiple symbols lit in the same photo, successfully recognizing them all and providing quick links and short descriptions for each of them.

Visual Search iOS 17 - Car Symbols

Using “Visual Search” on an iPhone with iOS 17 is very simple and can also be applied for recognize animals, plants, foods and – as you learn – get information about the car’s icons. Just take a photo or open one in your camera roll and press on the penultimate icon (from left to right).

In the case of car symbols, the icon is of a steering wheel. However, when the subject of the photo is a dog, the icon is instead – precisely – a dog. Below is an example of a plant (with the button featuring a leaf icon).

Visual search on iPhone

The “discovery” just described seems, however not be available everywhere. In Europe, for example, “Visual Search” does not yet appear to be able to detect the warning lights on the car dashboard. It is only a matter of time? Hard to say.


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