iOS 18, an ambitious update with new features and renewed design

What will the next iPhone operating system update look like? Based on what was reported by Mark Gurmannote signature of Bloombergin Apple’s offices there would be some excitement around iOS 18. There is talk of an “ambitious and compelling” update thanks to important new features (some of which are linked to artificial intelligence) and cosmetic software updates.

In reality, according to the tech journalist who has been a point of reference for everything relating to the Cupertino company for years, it would filter a certain optimism about all the next major updates. Putting forward a personal hypothesis, Gurman claims that iOS 18 will have to be brought with it a significant package of innovations to fill a void. That of iPhone 16, which – barring surprises – will not feature any significant hardware changes. In short, it seems that Apple in 2024 will want to hit the mark especially with software.

The last major update, according to Gurman, was iOS 14 in 2020, which introduced widgets to the Home screen. «Internally, Apple management describes its upcoming operating systems as “ambitious and compelling,” with major new features and design updates, as well as performance and security improvements.», we read in the newsletter Power On of the signature of Bloomberg.

iOS 18: development resumes after a week’s break

As is known, Apple has recently iOS 18 development has been paused to focus on bug resolution and – more generally – on the quality of the operating system. It is therefore legitimate to ask whether this week off whether or not it had any consequences on the development of the major update that Apple will present at WWDC next year.

According to Gurman, the brief suspension of work “will not significantly delay the release of the final software“. In the worst case scenario, the company’s software division “will have less time at the end of the development cycle to eliminate any last-minute problems“.


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