Android app to use while traveling by car and in traffic, to receive voice notifications, hands-free calling, listen to music and navigation

Car travel app Those who use their car a lot in the city or on the motorway can use some Android apps to check traffic and on-board information, manage the car and use their mobile phone hands-free, receive voice notifications and control the phone with their voice, without removing hands off the wheel and without risk.

As we will see, there are many useful apps for Android smartphones, both for integrating, Android Auto to the latest generation car, or to be used independently, perhaps by attaching the phone to a magnet on the dashboard.

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Best car travel apps

1) Android Auto it is the main app that acts as an on-board computer and therefore deserves to be installed on every phone. Inside Android Auto it is also possible to receive voice reading of SMS and WhatsApp messages, integration with the Google assistant, use Google Maps and control music listening.

2) Apps to transform your smartphone into your car’s on-board computer so you can manage your phone while driving by putting it into mode Car Mode using it with quick buttons to reach the basic functions of calls and messages. In practice, the smartphone is transformed into an intelligent dashboard with lots of information (such as the odometer) and many accessories to keep in front of your eyes and use with a few touches of your fingers.

3) Opens it’s an app for manage the car in every aspect, so as not to forget any maintenance work and always know the status of every part of the machine. ACar keeps track of tanks, fuel consumption, trip expenses, engine oil, air filter and so on. There are also other similar applications that are good alternatives, such as Fuelio to track i petrol consumption.

4) Waze it is an app that cannot be missing for any reason on an Android smartphone. In fact, Waze is not only a GPS navigator for finding the streets, but also the best app for knowing the roads real-time traffic information on the road you are taking. Furthermore Waze also allows you to know where the people are nearest petrol stations and those that have the lowest petrol prices.

5) Per app to listen to music on Android we can use various apps, but the most important are without a doubt Spotify e YouTube Musicwhich also allow you to control music directly from Google Maps.

6) Other free apps for listening to music and radio are Reading Radioto listen to random music by genre, and TuneIn, to listen to radios from all over the world. To these must also be added Podcast Managerto listen to podcasts.

7) Reading messages while driving is very dangerous; to avoid accidents it is better to have it read by the mobile phone itself. The application Notification reader it is completely free and works very well for this purpose, reading in perfect Italian. It automatically detects the apps used to receive SMS and emails and is also able to integrate with WhatsApp. The app requires access to notifications which will always be read by voice using Android’s voice synthesizer.

8) L’Google assistant It is also very convenient to use the phone without hands, in the car, with your voice. In every Android smartphone it is possible enable Google Assistant voice commands, so you can dictate messages and perform spoken actions, such as doing a search or finding a street in Google Maps. In another article we saw the Android voice commands for making calls, reading SMS and voice notifications and the guide to automatically start hands-free calls (in the car).

9) To send automatic replies via SMS or WhatsApp you can use some apps seen in another article or even by setting the application to read incoming SMS using Android’s text-to-speech engine.

10) Apps to find where your car is parked they are listed in another article, as are the applications for save your parking location.

11) App to find speed cameras on the roadto be more relaxed and always know the speed limit.

12) App to check license plate and insurance of any vehicle, car or motorbike.

13) App for motorway toll calculation on Android and iPhone.

14) App to pay for parking, blue lines and tickets from your phone.

15) Guide Lonely Planetideal for discovering the cheapest and best places to eat during a road trip.

16) Apps for creating itinerariesideal for finding streets and places to visit along a route or as intermediate stops.

17) App for campingwhich allow you to know everything about campsites in an area.

18) Petrol prices is another app that should not be missing on any Android phone while traveling. It shows the updated prices of all the distributors present on the national territory, allowing you to choose between petrol, diesel, LPG, methane and electric charging stations.

19) If we use a hybrid car or a totally electric vehicle we can also use NEXTCHARGEthe app for fast electric charging stations that we also talked about in the guide above how to find Fast Charge columns for electric cars.

20) To quickly find parking spaces in big cities we can use an app like Parkablecapable of showing paid parking, guarded parking and available parking in a specific area or in a specific city, so that you immediately know where to leave your car as soon as you arrive at your destination.


All these apps are very convenient and should be used from time to time while we travel. We would like to conclude the article by inviting those who use smartphones in the car to always keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the steering wheel. The applications selected here have been chosen to give us the best digital experience while driving, to drive safely and have access to online services as quickly as possible.

Since these applications can provide assistance or entertainment while driving, it is important to maintain safety, however, use them with caution. If you are traveling alone, it is best to pull over before opening an app.

For further information we can also read our guides best apps to use inside Android Auto and how connect your smartphone in the car: support, music, hands-free and charger.


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