iOS 18: Apple pauses development to focus on quality

We talk more frequently about bugs and related iOS updates to fix them. It is a trend that is not appreciated in Cupertino and it is for this reason that, according to the latest rumors, Apple has decided to pause development of iOS 18 to allow his team to focus their efforts on improvement of the overall quality of the operating system.

The news comes as usual Mark Gurman. The journalist of Bloomberg reports that the Californian giant would have paused the development of new features not only of iOS 18, but also macOS 15 and watchOS 11. A change in the programs on the agenda that would also have had an impact on visionOSthe operating system of the viewer presented at WWDC23.

From the report we learn that Apple would have completed a “first version” of the three operating systems mentioned above already last month. When analyzing updates, however, too many bugs would have emerged. Too many for the standards of the company with Tim Cook at the helm, too many for those responsible for software development, above all Craig Federighi.

The break should last a weekbut the times could also be extended if other problems arise.

The development of iOS 18 is paused: the importance of quality for Apple

Apple’s operating systems are characterized by their ease of usel’interface always clean and without frills and – as often flaunted by the company – the great attention to privacy of its users. To always hit the target it is absolutely necessary that everything works properlyespecially in the case of new features.

Speaking of new features, in recent years the tech giant in some cases delayed its implementation to avoid mistakes made in the past. As revealed by Gurman, from 2019 the company would in fact begin to rely on a process known as “feature flag”. This would consist of enabling manual of a new feature to preventively verify its impact on the entire operating system.

The point is that, despite the precautions, the latest releases have still brought with them anomalies that were corrected only with minor updates released later. Without forgetting then features introduced months and months lateboth on iOS and on iPadOS and macOS.


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