IT administrators and portals: in over 40,000 cases the password is

There is a lot of talk about IT security and prevention but, apparently, the road ahead for a safer network is still very long.

This is what emerges from Threat Compass Of Outpost24, a report that reconstructs the situation relating to threats in the context of cybersecurity. This research showed that, out of over 1.8 million credentials used by IT administrators, beyond 40.000 password they were the word admin. All this shows that many professionals in the sector do not even bother to change the default password.

Although this situation represents borderline cases, it must be said that it is not the only alarming data from the research.

The researchers involved in the research state that “Most of the passwords on our list could have easily been guessed with a rather unsophisticated password guessing attack“.

Passwords as number sequences (123456, 12345678 o 1234) were incredibly widespread. There is also no shortage of solutions that are considered too simple to identify, even by those who are not hackers. In this sense, common passwords are:

  • Password
  • admin123
  • root
  • admin1234
  • admin1.

Simply put, enough to make the hairs on the head of any cybersecurity expert stand on end.

Weak passwords: a problem that still seems quite widespread in 2023

The researchers warn that although the above rumors are “Known, limited and predictable passwords“, are associated with administration portals and privileged users of even quite important portals.

Defending your corporate network begins with applying basic security principles such as using long passwords, complex e unique for each account, especially for users with access to sensitive resources.

To protect yourself from malware and infostealerOutpost24 recommends using a threat detection solution, disable the options automatic saving and filling of passwords to browser Web, check a site’s domain before entering personal information e avoid counterfeit software.


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