Google updates the Clock app with weather and other features

Google it never stops and even in this case it continues to update its main platforms intended as proprietary applications. This time it’s the application’s turn Clock which in fact should soon bring an important update regarding many new useful features.

Google is in fact releasing the new version 7.6 of Clock. Users will soon be able to benefit from many changes, well to be precise quattro. The Mountain View company is about to fill the application with very interesting features.

There will be a switch to enable forecasts of time, an option to synchronize the wakes upthe possibility of changing the temperature measurement units and changing the position of the clock with the time of your place of residence.

Google Clock is updated with some very important news

Regarding the weather forecast, it seems that the application will soon allow you to choose whether to enable it or not when setting an alarm. If the feature is enabled, weather details will also be presented every time the alarm is deactivated.

Google will also introduce an option to sync your alarms. Specifically, this is a new feature that will synchronize your smartphone’s alarm clocks with your smartphones too smartwatch by Google. This setting apparently works with WearOS 3 and on WearOS 4.

The other feature that is talked about a lot is the one useful for modifying the unit of measure of the temperature. If the local weather function is set, you will be able to access the settings and change your preferences. As the rumors say, trying to use this feature will take you directly to the Android 14 preferences page.

The other improvement brought to the Clock application with version 7.6 concerns the clock with the home time zone: now, instead of being aligned to the left, it is centered.

This new update has not yet been rolled out to everyone and it seems that for now it will only appear on Google Pixels that have the Pixel Weather app pre-installed.


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