League of Legends: annunciato mid-scope update per Sivir

For the battle mistress it is time to upgrade. After Swain, Taliyah and Olaf, a minirework will push our mercenary shooter towards a more fun and functional playstyle after 12.10.
League of Legends: annunciato mid-scope update per Sivir

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After the Durability Update Sivir is suffering a bit despite the deceptive Win Rate. The only really good build is the one based on lethality and by now too many shooters, in the bottom lane, are several inches above her. The mid scope upgrade will also serve to modernize a kit that at the moment does not impact games as it should, especially when compared to that of other shooters.

According to the little information provided by Riot, they intend to push Sivir towards a critical build-path by improving its playstyle by adding tools to do damage in exchange for (not all) the ability to provide mobility to allies and the ability to poke in early. To do this, the skills that will undergo a major change will be the Q and W, while the R will provide a personal buff to the DPS, however, reducing the usefulness of movement speed for itself and allies. So the goal is not only to push it towards the very useful (in this meta) critical build but also to make it more palatable in terms of gameplay very, perhaps too much, basic.

By “making the gameplay more palatable” we mean something that makes the character a little more fun: demonstrating the condition of the Battle Lady is her very low pick-rate, too low even to be considered an OTP champ as it could. being a Singed (with about 3% pick rate) who thanks to his kit, however, finds a place more or less in every comp, unlike the mercenary Shurimana who has far too few spots in which to shine. But let’s look at the data:

  • Win Rate from plat up 12.10: 50.35%
  • Win Rate from plat up 12.11: 50.05%
  • The pick rate is 2% in 12.10 and 1.73% in the next patch.
  • It is mainly used to counter Caitlyn (48.44% wr), Yasuo (49.66% wr) and Aphelios (46.14% wr)

The win rate, as you can see, is not bad but it is not even reliable as its pick rate testifies that its use is relegated to being a second choice counterpick or perhaps even third choice: it is no coincidence that it is the second shooter less played in the role of ADC after Senna, who however has her reasons for not being played ADC (the collection of souls on minions not killed by her) unlike the Shurimana. We are also talking about an already low win rate counter of Aphelios, of Yasuo adc which has a very low pick rate (just over 1% always from Plat +) and of Caitlyn who despite the recent buffs still has some problems and continues to lose wr (in the last 7 days his wr is 48.42%) despite decent pick rate.

As for the release date there is not yet a certain, but according to the timing of similar reworks (Swain, Taliyah and Olaf) it could appear on the PBE very soon and reach the live servers within 2 or 3 patch-notes. , including 12.12. Some more information. as a leak or demonstration of the reworked skills, however, they could come very soon. If Riot wanted to surprise, she sure did!


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