Low-cost technology gift ideas for everyone (less than € 35)

Gift ideas
Technological gifts are among the favorites of all, extravagant, fascinating and always able to amaze, especially for those who are not one who follows all the latest news of the year. If, however, it is not possible to make expensive hi-tech gifts to everyone, for those in search of gift ideas that are small thoughts for friends or distant relatives, to make a good figure without spending too much there are many gadgets available in the technological field. . Below we will show you some gift ideas of economic technological objects that surely remain super useful for everyone and that, therefore, they should receive some appreciation and sincere thanks.
The maximum limit we set for driving is € 35 and we will try to never override this roof, except in exceptional cases.

Low-cost technology gift ideas

Following the suggestions below we will be able to make many gifts to each of our friends and relatives without spending a fortune.

Wi-Fi repeater

For friends and relatives who have a fairly large home, a nice Wi-Fi repeater like the TP-Link RE200 (€ 24) will almost certainly be appreciated.
Wi-Fi repeater

Simply connect the device to an electrical outlet and, after a quick and simple configuration, we will have the Wi-Fi signal of the modem or router extended so that it takes in the whole house with full field.
To learn more we can also read our guide on How the wifi repeater or "Range Extender" works and which one to buy.

Fitness tracker

Among the fitness trackers, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 (€ 32) is the best for quality / price ratio and allows you to track physical activities even if they were simple walks or five-a-side football matches.
Fitness tracker

With it we can also have the smartphone under control, with notifications, reminders and alarms at your fingertips, without picking up the phone each time.

To learn more we can read our guides I Band 4, from Xiaomi, the FitBand smartwatch is Watch with pedometer and notifications: alternatives to the Mi Band 4.

Wireless earphones

If a pair of earphones for the smartphone can be too little even for a Christmas thought, you can still make a good impression by giving a pair of wireless earphones like the AUKEY Bluetooth Headphones 5 (30 €).
Wireless earphones

These headphones feel good, allow up to 25 hours of autonomy, offer practical touch controls and have a practical charging case, so that they can be recharged quickly when not in use.

If we are looking for something more similar to Apple AirPods, please read our article Best Bluetooth earphones for smartphones.

Voice assistant

If we want to bring home automation to friends and relatives, we can focus on the Echo Flex (€ 29), an affordable and competitive device for bringing Amazon Alexa.
Voice assistant

In this way we will have good access to the features of Amazon's voice assistant without having to buy a more expensive Echo, with the possibility of adding a Third Reality Motion Sensor for Echo Flex (€ 15) or a Smart Night Light from Third Reality for Echo Flex (15 €).

To learn more about the voice assistants, we also invite you to read our guides Alexa or Google Home? comparison of best and smart Smart Speakers is Amazon Alexa: How to create routines and new voice commands.

Smart Wi-Fi socket

Always to stay on the subject of home automation we can also buy a smart socket like the TP-Link Tapo P100 Wi-Fi Socket (€ 15).
Wi-Fi socket

By connecting any device to the existing Shuko socket, we can control its switching on and off remotely via the dedicated app and via Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice commands.

Find wireless keys

If we notice a friend or relative losing their house keys too often, we can think of a fun and useful gift idea like the EIVOTOR finder keys finder (€ 21).
Find keys

With these small keychains with RF receivers we will always be able to find our keys or any other objects with a metal ring to attach, simply by pressing the button on the remote control corresponding to the color (an alarm will sound to the corresponding key ring).

Wireless phone charger

If our friend or acquaintance has a smartphone of the latest generation, we can give you a wireless charger in the shape of a stand like the ESR Wireless Charger (€ 15).
Wireless charger

It supports three different Qi induction charging currents (10W / 7.5W / 5W), so you can recharge all recent iPhones and new Samsung's. To make the most of it, we recommend adding a USB wall charger as fast as the ESR Wall Charger 2W 36W PD + QC (€ 18).

USB charger for built-in desk

Do our relatives or friends have a desk with a hole for the wires to pass through? In this case I can use it to insert convenient USB charging sockets, using the Simpeak 4-Port 30W Recessed Desktop Charger (€ 24).
USB charger

Simply place the charger in the hole and connect the lower power cable to the electrical socket, so as to have 4 elegant USB sockets to which to connect our smartphones or our tablets for charging.

More gift ideas

Even if we can't spend € 100 for every person we know, we can still buy some very useful technological thoughts, so that we can still look good with any of the gadgets shown above.

If we are looking for other technological gift ideas, we advise you to continue reading on our guides to Best technological and original Christmas gifts, less than 50 euros is Ideas for more innovative Hi Tech gifts, useful and to amaze.


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