Netflix: Category Hub and Netflix Geeked Week are coming

After a short wait, Netflix is ​​sure to shake off the blow of its latest quarterly, with an important change to its interface, and through the organization of a festival full of surprises.
Netflix: Category Hub and Netflix Geeked Week are coming

Fresh from a nightmare quarterly, Netflix has announced some news, also to leave the difficulties behind, confirming the organization of an important event for June, and the launch of a useful roll-out to improve the user experience.

For some time Netflix has been dedicating great attention to the world of nerds and geeks, not only with its growing commitment to video games, but also with real film content that is appreciated by this target, such as the transposition of the fantasy saga The Witcher. Still on the subject of attention to the public in question, the platform confirmed the organization, in June, of the expected Netflix Geeked Week kermesse, which will be held from 6 to 10 June.

On this occasion, trailers and previews of various contents are expected, perhaps relating to the new seasons of the series already on the air, or of others still unpublished: there will be real conferences and panels with the cast of the various productions. Among the latter, there could also be the one with the cast of the still unpublished Live Action of the cartoon ONE PIECE, given that the relative official account on Twitter has re-shared the announcement of Netflix with attached tag towards the main members of the cast who, therefore, could intervene to show perhaps the first official images of the shooting set.

After announcing the evaluation button with the double thumbs up, Netflix is ​​preparing to change its interface again, soon offering all users of the globe a new interface for its TV app, in which the way of proposing will be changed. suggestions. Instead of what happens now, with categories that are the same for everyone, linked to genres and events, placed “under the lines Popular, Trends and Keep Watching”, a “Category Hub” will be set up, which will be accessed from the menu on the left relating to profiles of children and adults.

Here, in particular, there will be, according to a personalized order for the various subscribers, the Top 3 categories customized on the basis of the user’s habits, some customized categories popular globally, different collections curated to pay homage to some events (e.g. the Day world of the Earth or international of the Woman), general categories spread globally (in practice: comedy, action, horror, drama, anime, etc.), and “locally relevant (not all categories are available in all countries) “.


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