Netflix: many news for Italy, advertising and password sharing, various problems

Netflix, engaged in the launch of various news for the Bel Paese (which, however, poorly repays with the sharing of passwords), would have taken its official decision regarding the arrival of advertising and the practice of account sharing.
Netflix: many news for Italy, advertising and password sharing, various problems

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The well-known multimedia streaming platform Netflix, in the last few hours, grappling with various initiatives for the Italian market, would have taken the first decisions to stem its crisis of subscribers: at the same time, data that are not very reassuring emerge, at least in Italy, on the practice of sharing passwords, and the prospect of a class action by the platform’s investors.

The first news related to Netflix this week is the drop in users (200,000, based on 200 million subscribers, soon followed in the second quarter by a probable drop of another 2 million) announced in the first quarterly. of 2022, with a consequent collapse on the stock market the following day (- 35% of the share value). In recent days, one of the platform’s investors, Imperium Irrevocable Trust, has sued its co-CEOs (Sarandos and Hastings) and its chief financial officer (Neuman) for substantially hiding the difficulties it was encountering in preserving the base. of users, to which were added those represented by slow growth (due to competition and sharing of passwords).

The citation in question, which could become a class action if other stakeholders who, between October 19, 2021 and April 19, 2022, owned Netflix shares, could lead to damages to which the judge could also add other forms. compensation, should he consider the conduct of the managers (who among other things did not promptly inform of the aforementioned difficulties) misleading since, apparently, they would have provided “false, misleading growth prospects without a reasonable basis”.

Turning to another bad news for the platform, according to a survey conducted by time2play in relation to the use of Netflix in Italy, it emerged that 84% of subscribers share the account with friends and relatives and 54% of users use the Netflix account of relatives or friends without paying a euro, with the data showing that on average in Italy there is a tendency to share a Netflix account with 2.7 people.

Also because of these data, more or less serious also in other markets, according to the New York Times, which got its hands on an internal memo distributed to employees, it was decided to bring forward, by the end of the year, the arrival of the commercials on the platform (it is not clear what duration and frequency), probably with the aforementioned low cost subscription plan including some advertisements. At the same time, it is planned to implement what has been only timidly tested so far to put an end to the sharing of passwords, through the system that allows you to share the account with two people outside your family, paying a little extra for each of them.

Turning to the good news, Netflix, which has released a trailer in this regard, has announced that from June 3 the second season of the game show (in episodes) “The floor is lava” will be broadcast in which competitors will have to navigate between obstacles. old and new (a slippery volcano) to collect objects, attaching to chandeliers and more to jump from one base to another, avoiding falling into a liquid floor that simulates lava.

On the occasion of the opening of the Italian offices in Rome, in the Via Veneto area, Netflix hinted at some upcoming projects for the Italian schedule, including a new animated adventure, in 6 half-hour episodes, by the cartoonist Zerocalcare, a TV series inspired by the novel Il Gattopardo by Tomasi di Lampedusa, I hate Christmas, which is the first Italian Christmas series by Netflix, but also some films, including the eloquent “The Alex Schwazer Case”.


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