With the aim of touching the 50 free titles offered by the end of the year, Netflix is ​​starting to reach 22 this week, through the provision, for its subscribers, of four new free video games, without ads or in-app purchases.
Netflix releases four new free video games: here are the titles involved

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Now already made available Relic Hunter Rebels, the Netflix streaming platform is about to offer four other video games, free, without advertising or in-app purchases, to its subscribers, who will be able to download them directly from the various Play Stores for Android and App Store for iOS.

Among the titles already made available, there is Dragon Up, an old East Side Games video game customized ad hoc for Netflix, which plans to hatch eggs to collect rare dragons, to be leveled up via cards and potions, while giving they can get more dragons, new nests, unlock incredible treasures, while progressing to increase their “inactive kingdom by unlocking more exotic lands and habitats”.

The second videogame, Moonlighter, made by 11 Bit Studio, is an action RPG with rogue-like elements, in which the shopkeeper Will will be catapulted into an adventure, through the dungeons near his village, with the consequence that he will have to face 5 bosses, several curious enemies who, defeated, will release items that our hero will resell in his shop.

The third video game offered by Netflix with some additional bonuses (e.g. skins, maps, and scenarios), is Townsmen: A Kindom Rebuilt, created about ten years ago by HandyGames. In the specific case, it is a management system in which the administrator of a small village will have to take care of its development, through the extraction of mines, crops, embellishing it with monuments and statues, but also defending it from enemies and passing brigands, so that it thrives becoming a small medieval kingdom.

In the week, then, bringing the total of Netflix free games to 22, the title Exploding Kittens will arrive, taken from the card game of the same name by Direwolf Digital, in which you can draw cards for friends, losing if you catch that of the kitten explosive, unless you can neutralize it with catnip sandwiches, belly crunches, or the Defuse card. For the Netflix version, the game will debut with the exclusive Flip Flop and Radar cards, and will then also earn an expansion pack derived from the animated series dedicated to the game.


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