Oracle and Cohere together for advanced generative AI services for companies

Even in a fairly short time, theartificial intelligence is showing all its potential, both in the consumer and in the business sector. Speaking of the second, the news of the partnership tra Oracle e Cohere for the creation of services based on generative AI which, once available to companies, will bring benefits such as end-to-end business process automation and decision-making optimization.

Oracle new benchmark for companies for generative AI services

Oracle, a leading multinational in the IT sector, has officially announced the collaboration with Cohere, AI platform startup for business. In this way, the Austin-based company will be able to provide advanced generative artificial intelligence services to companies. AND the customers will also gaingiven that among the objectives there is also that of a better one customer experience.

Artificial intelligence

They are built on OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure), capable of running artificial intelligence workloads thanks to the GPU cluster technology performant and efficient (over 16,000 H100 GPUs per cluster). Cohere, according to the agreement entered into, will train, build and distribute its Generative AI models on OCI.

Partnering with Cohere will enable our customers to easily integrate generative AI into their businesses. Using Cohere’s foundational models, companies can securely integrate their data to train specific models, deploy them into the best AI infrastructure through OCI, and immediately reap the benefits of applications.

Clay Magourykexecutive VP di Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

From the press release, it is learned that Oracle’s AI services will be integrated across the entire cloud application offering, including ERP, HCM, SCM and CX. This will enable customers to take advantage of the latest innovations through existing business processes.

Security and privacy

At the heart of the partnership is also the safetyas confirmed by Martin Konpresident and COO of Cohere:

Oracle and Cohere will help companies around the world grow their AI initiatives, drive greater value, and deliver new levels of automation that maximize business success while ensuring data security and privacy.

Customers using OCI’s Generative AI will have the full control of your data. In addition, Oracle’s services will not throw all customer data into a single cauldron, thus not undermining companies’ competitive advantage.


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