PC body training programs and keeping fit while staying at home

Train at home with your PC For those who have to stay at home and for those who work a lot on the computer, there are many alternatives to keep fit, even doing workouts at home, both to stretch the muscles, and also for those who want harder workouts that would be done in the air open or in the gym.
While there are many fitness app and applications to train at home on smartphones, it is more difficult to find training programs for PC. Using a computer is definitely an advantage when you train at home, because you can see the instructions, animations and videos that guide you on the big screen and because you can take advantage of the speaker boxes for music or the time count exercise and recovery.
Luckily, on Windows 10 PCs, you can install many of the applications that can be found in the stores for Android and iPhone, often in a free version. So let’s see the best Windows 10 apps aimed at training the body and muscles with exercises to do at home, which can serve as both a motivator and an instructor.


1) Perfect Workout, free, offers a simple, very minimal way from a graphic point of view, to guide you through various training routines. There are over 100 animated exercises, divided into 12 training packages that focus on the chest, arms, legs, butt, abs, fat loss, cardio and muscle building. The free app includes a full body workout, while other workout routines are available through the in-app purchase (1 Euro each). You can also unlock additional packs with points earned when completing the exercises.
Workouts can be monitored to track progress with an animated figure guiding each exercise. The settings allow you to adjust the training time and rest time between sets. Training programs do not require fitness equipment beyond a chair and is therefore perfect for keeping fit even when at home.

2) Fitbot is a virtual personal trainer dedicated to those who want to lose weight, which can be used to do abdominal exercises, on the arms, chest, glueti, legs and also with Yoga exercises. The app shows on the screen the right way to do each exercise which can then be followed and repeated. In addition, the app also guides training with your voice, making it seem like you have a real personal trainer in front of us. The app is free, but to unlock some exercises you need to get experience points by training.

3) The personalized training app Fitbit Coach it helps to stay motivated to keep fit and also train from home. In addition to dynamic training, running and walking, you can follow videos with exercises aimed at the goal, be it to lose weight or to strengthen and maintain physical fitness. Unfortunately the app is not in Italian.

4) 7-Minute it is the app that guides you to train for at least 7 minutes a day, with a super concentrated program, made up of repeated and short breaks, all in the maximum time of 7 minutes that will make you sweat anyway. Of app 7 minutes there are also others, this is however the most popular one, with animations to follow on the screen.

5) Home Fitness is an app that aims to show exercises to do at home, for those who do not go to the gym, for those without tools. There are several home workouts for both beginners and intermediate and professional athletes.

6) MyFitness is a Windows 10 PC program that allows you to train at home or anywhere else other than a gym. You can customize workouts, choose exercises and exercise even without tools and even without running.

7) Active Fitness is an app / social network on fitness, wellness and activity monitoring used by over 200,000 users. Excellent for running, walking, cycling, for trekking and mountain biking enthusiasts, skiing, snowboarding, urban sports, such as skateboarding, scooters, water sports, kayaking, rafting and hundreds of other activities. Active Fitness will give you the right motivation and a way to share your business with friends and companions. Active Fitness has rankings for each sport and activity, as well as training planning, made by professionals. Have fun and stay fit!

8) Off4Fit it is not an app, but an old free program that you can still download and install on your PC, aimed at creating moments of rest, relaxation and staying fit even if you work.
This software, once started, stands out for the appearance, in the system tray at the bottom right, of a fearsome clock alarm. Basically an inexorable countdown has started which calculates how long the person is working in front of the computer. Once the 50 minutes have elapsed, the program requires us workaholics, computer scientists and navigators, to take a break that does not involve going to eat a sandwich with salami, but to do guided exercises.
The beauty of the program is the appearance of a player in which there are videos with an instructor who dictates the times and shows the exercises for training. So you can choose whether to do an eye workout to relax them and make them recover from the tiredness caused by monitors and computers, by the hands to avoid trauma from mouse or keyboard and to loosen muscles and nerves and also bodyweight exercises, very light especially aimed at stretching to melt. Each type of training is performed seven times by the virtual instructor whose movements must be followed and also supported by brief instructions for each exercise, in Italian. Obviously gymnastics can be started even before the end of the countdown and its duration can be configured even if, I would say, 50 minutes of work and 10 breaks are more than acceptable. The only annoyance is the appearance of a small advertising banner once every time you start gymnastics but you just need to know and close it with the X.

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