Let’s take a closer look at all the offers to surf the Internet from mobile that you can take advantage of in Italy and other countries.

LTE modem
The ideal profile of the person who subscribes to a mobile Internet subscription for LTE modems is that of a normal, young, and curious person like many others, who often moves outside the home or lives in an area or city where landlines are very old and ADSL does not exceed 7 Mega. Unfortunately, this happens in many parts of Italy, even around cities like Rome and Milan there are areas not yet adequately covered by the various telephone operators and Web providers. The most logical, economical, and obligatory solution is to use a mobile internet subscription provided. from a cell phone company such as Vodafone, Tre, Wind, TIM, or Iliad.In this guide we will show you the up-to-date and convenient offers to connect to the network from a USB modem or Wi-Fi modem, so you can give up your home connection and connect wherever there is LTE signal coverage.

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Rates for mobile Internet on LTE modems

The rates that we show you are designed for use on soap bars or LTE modems, ie with offers that contain a large amount of data for navigation. Obviously, we have to insert the SIM inside the modem and also remove the security PIN, since it will no longer be needed.

Preliminary information

The problems to be faced when we want to use a mobile subscription in place of a fixed-line are numerous and put the customer in a situation where we will have to decide the lesser evil. In fact, it is a question of betting on the company without having too many preventive indications and, therefore, sign up for a subscription blindly which can last up to two mandatory years. Afterward have signed the subscription contract yes can check if the connection is as efficient and fast as you would expect. In fact, none of the mobile internet providers ensures full speed at any time of the day, and you are warned, in small notes below, that the speed could be lower than promised, especially during peak hours. If all goes well then, after subscribing you can surf the Internet from your computer using this mobile connection provided by a wireless receiver.

Unfortunately, however, there is another nasty surprise: all internet plans are limited (in one way or another) in the size of data traffic therefore we will always have to pay close attention and check often if we are close to the limit. Exceeded these limits, additional costs will be charged with forced withdrawal which becomes difficult to contest in any case, or the connection speed is drastically reduced.

Best deals for LTE modems

Let’s now see in detail the various offers provided by the operators available in Italy; we will prefer the offers that include the modem in the subscription cost, so you can surf right away without having to buy a separate modem.


With WindTre we can use the offer Cube Large, available from the official website.

This offer offers 100 Giga per month of Internet per month on WindTre’s 4G + network for the price of € 12.99 per month. Also included in the offer is the WebCube, the cube inherited from the Tre, able to connect all the devices in the house by occupying a simple electrical socket (to be placed as close as possible to a window or a balcony, to increase the signal). The speed is very good (at the top in Italy) and in large cities, we can also benefit from the latest generation 4G connection (download connection up to 300 Mbps).


Vodafone offers the offer as a mobile Internet subscription for LTE modems Giga Speed Plus, accessible from the official website.

With Vodafone we can choose between 50 Giga and 100 Giga per month of Internet browsing, at a price of € 11.99 per month and € 19.99 per month; the price includes the Mobile Wi-Fi, the Vodafone modem with built-in battery (to use it even outside the home) designed to take advantage of the fast Vodafone network. As imaginable, the browsing speed is among the best in Italy (up to 300 Mbps), even if with these modems we can only exploit 4G and not the 5G network (waiting for it to spread more and that it can present itself as a real alternative to fiber ).


TIM allows offers a mobile Internet subscription for LTE modems the offer Supergiga, accessible from the official website.

TIM offers various cuts for the internet for the LTE key: ranging from Supergiga 20 (the cheapest, with 20GB at a cost of € 9.99 per month) up to the Supergiga 100, which includes 100GB of fast browsing for € 19.99 per month. At the price, we can also add the TIM 4G + modem, which is sold together with the subscription at a cost of € 29.99. From the point of view of quality and connection, TIM is a certainty, especially for those who live close to big cities or in the center.


Iliad, the newest manager among those seen so far, only offers an offer for everything, as visible from the official page.

Iliad’s only offer includes 70GB in LTE that can also be used for hotspots at a cost of € 9.99 per month, currently the best quality/price ratio if we consider only the GB offered and the final cost. The coverage is very variable, but in the big cities the operator offers its 4G antennas, so the coverage is very good (as well as the speed); in the absence of a proprietary signal, we can always use the WindTre antennas for the connection.
To be able to browse with this offer we will obviously need a WiFi modem, like the ones visible in our guide Best 4G LTE portable routers, even for travel.


If we really want to replace the ADSL with an LTE connection to be used at home or outdoors according to our needs, the only really convenient offers are the offers from WindTre and Iliad, which with a bargain price offers many Giga to be exploited for the hotspot of other PCs, Macs, and laptops. The other operators have greater speed and coverage but the prices are also higher. In choosing the best offer for LTE modems, even if the cost of modems is also to be considered, often included in the price or provided at a ridiculously low price.

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