With the success of short videos that does not stop, thanks to the growing popularity of users towards this format brought to the fore by TikTok, Meta could not refrain from supporting its Reels, on Instagram and Facebook, in new ways.
Reels at full speed: Meta's new initiatives for Facebook and Instagram

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There is no doubt, by now, that creative short video is one of the most trendy fashions in the world of mass-media entertainment, due to its ability to entertain and create out of nothing, in a short time, real ones. Star (just think of Khaby Lame). It is not surprising, therefore, that Meta, the social giant by definition, has recently dedicated itself to its emanation of this format, the Reels, with various initiatives.

In 2017, when the purpose was to encourage the exchange of messages through the app, Instagram announced a function that allowed you to rework with stickers and writings a photo received from a friend via internal DM messaging, to include it in your own photo, giving the impression that the original self-timer was part of it, before sending the composite result back to the friend he was texting with. In 2021 a function arrived that allowed you to remix already existing videos in your Reels, expanded in January 2022 with the possibility of remixing any new video published.

In the past few hours, as discovered by the influencer marketing expert Lindsey Gamble, also with the aim of encouraging engagement on brand posts, a new remix feature has been added to the existing ones, with the name of “Remix Photos” which allows , for now to some users, to remix the static content, precisely the photos, of the posts to draw their own Reels (using the relative editor to enrich the final result). This, of course, unless the author of the post has disabled this option in his settings.

Moving from Instagram, where the Reels to date contribute 20% of the time users spend in-platform, to Facebook, according to what was announced by the social media guru Matt Navarra, who relaunched a post by marketing expert Mari Smith , within the Creators Studio of Facebook users are now greeted by a message explaining how it is possible to use the best parts of the videos published to draw Reels, or Stories, to be published immediately or scheduled for a later time.

According to what is announced by the guided process, the videos of 20 seconds or less can be used for the Reels and the Stories while those of 20 seconds or larger only for the Reels: on the occasion of the launch of this initiative, the person in charge of the Facebook social app, Tom Alison, also revealed that, as currently the Facebook content detection engine supports more than anything else text, video, photos, and experiences of the Metaverse, in order to spread the Reels more, it was decided to integrate the Reels “In Home, Watch, In Feed Recommendations and Groups”.


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