Refurbished: is the operating system original?

A diamond is forever, but software is not. Indeed, software by its nature is changeable, continually evolves, is full of updates and metabolizes new value with each new version. When the software ages along with the machine on which it is installed, therefore, it must be replaced as it falls into a spiral in which performance declines, updates are no longer available and even its very validity may be in question.

It is very important to understand this aspect especially when talking about used or refurbished devices, since your operating system license may be expiring and could therefore lead to imminent problems. For this reason, relying on a referenced and reliable seller is essential in order to avoid running into problems such as the use of software which, from one day to the next, could even be identified as pirated.

Let’s see why.

Windows, pay attention to the version

In the natural evolution of its operating system, Microsoft has maintained a permanent connection between the different versions, allowing and facilitating upgrades for users so that the new generations of Windows can establish themselves more easily. Creating obstructions between Windows 7 and Windows 10 first, and between Windows 10 and Windows 11 later, in fact, would only have created friction that would have slowed down the evolution of the species. However, even these preferential passages come to an end at a certain point and the transition from Windows 7 and Windows 10 to Windows 11 have now come to an end.

Moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free is still permitted today, but is no longer formally permitted. This means that if a PC does not have an original Windows 10 or Windows 11 license, but instead has an updated operating system that originally only had a Windows 7 license, it finds itself in an illicit condition: in fact it is as if it were using pirated software.

Windows 11

Sooner or later these copies could therefore be blocked, with annoying warning messages on the desktop. Not only that: copies of this type would be real offences, of a certain gravity especially in a professional context. This implies the need to have firm control over the licenses in use, both for a legal matter and to ensure normal daily operations. How can you verify all this when purchasing a used product?

The main path is to rely on a showcase like that of, which selects its resellers on the basis of specific requirements and which is able to offer maximum guarantees to customers precisely by virtue of the special mechanism for selecting and monitoring its partner. Among these there is a name such as Simpaticotech, the first company in Europe to have solved the problem of re-installing the operating system (since it is certified “MAR”, i.e. “Microsoft Authorized Refurbished“):

By purchasing a Simpatico Network srl PC or Notebook you will find the new Windows 10/11 Professional or 10/11 HOME operating system already installed, with a new digital license in the bios. You will therefore be fully equipped, with a used computer but with the same functions as one that has just left the factory, as it is certified with Original Microsoft Software.

MRA certification

By purchasing a refurbished PC from Simpaticotech, in short, you find yourself with OS and drivers re-installed, as if it were a completely new PC; you have a gift PC fully in order with current regulations, equipped with fully valid software licenses; in case of problems you can reinstall the operating system following a complete reset; the possibility of system errors is reduced since you are using fully original software; you can access Microsoft support and the monthly updates released.

Refurbished PCs

Buying a refurbished PC is something different from simply buying a used product. Refurbished items are checked, tested and managed to bring them back to a state of functionality consistent with the expectations of the buyer. certifies individual retailers, who are required to have transparency in product descriptions (the quality level must be precisely labelled) and the replacement of components which no longer offer the expected performance (for laptops at stake are above all HDD, RAM and batteries). also offers 1 year warranty on each product sold, for greater certainty of the quality of the device. The legal aspects relating to the operating system license are further proof of the quality of the process implemented, creating a showcase in which quality is guaranteed and the price is extremely convenient.

This is why choosing a refurbished product becomes an interesting idea both for private individuals and for setting up professional workstations. At this point, ethical aspects no longer take a back seat: giving a second life to devices that are still fully efficient and full of potential means reducing e-waste and defining one’s sustainability through virtuous choices in practical and verifiable terms of environmental impact.

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