Respect, quality, reliability: Vianova innovation for ICT and MSP companies

In a technological market that changes constantly and very rapidly, companies ICT (System Integrator e MSP) have increasingly difficult to grow revenues and margins.

Mutations bring with them risks and opportunities. Keeping up with the times requires continuous updating of the services offered. If investments – of time and resources – are not well focused, the risk is that profit margins will narrow. Then there are the reputational risks: reselling services from suppliers that are not up to par has repercussions on the company’s image. The consequence is that ICT and MSP, despite their great potential and indisputable qualities, often fail low profit margins.

How to exploit the opportunities offered by the market, without putting your reputation at risk?

An opportunity is offered by Vianova, the fixed and mobile network operator which has made the quality of its services (professional voice and data access, switchboard, cloud and collaboration) and customer satisfaction its main differentiating element.

Vianova organized a road show in 6 stages to be able to explain to the ICT world and MSPs how much its group is able to offer in terms of opportunities. The purpose of the meetings is to meet new partners with whom to build a win-win collaboration.

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More revenues, more loyalty: Vianova, the key to success

The roadshow is dedicated to aziende ICT, system integrator e Managed Service Provider. These companies often already have important relationships with the productive fabric, but they need to expand and make their offers more competitive to expand their customer base or build upselling opportunities.

Vianova is the opportunity we needed. The group can in fact make available connectivity professional, services Unified Communication e services cloud with the highest levels of efficiency and safety.

Collaborating with Vianova means ensuring the possibility of provide quality services with maximum attention to assistance (the company is known for Customer Service that answers calls within three rings).

Becoming a Vianova partner or dealer means securing a service on which to build new offers to customers, knowing that you can count on a completely reliable collaboration.

“Our values, respect, service and excellence, guide our actions every day” explains Alberto Urbani, Business Development Manager of Vianova: “the best known example is the three ring answer. In over 96% of cases our Customer Service operators respond within 3 rings, with an average of 6 seconds, and in other cases the customer is called back within a few minutes. Customers immediately come into contact with real people, adequately trained Vianova employees who respond from our Europen offices. This is just one example of how we develop and manage our services.”

In over 70% of cases, Vianova technicians also manage to intercept potential faults before customers notice them.
This method is recognized by Vianova customers who every year, for over 20 years, have rewarded the company with a loyalty rate of over 97%.

This data translates into more sales opportunities, customer loyalty and improved reputations. A great treasure in the hands of ICT companies. It is the quality of the services and assistance that distinguishes Vianova on the market: professional fixed and mobile voice and data connections, Cloud backup lines, collaboration services. But also the special relationship with the Partners.

To our partners”, adds Urbani, “we recognize compensation for commercial and technical activities (acquisition bonus, forever recurring monthly compensation, activation of services, assistance and bonus for maintaining technical SLAs). These fees are guaranteed forever, that is, for the entire duration of the relationship with the customer”.

Another peculiarity of the Vianova offer is the exclusive availability of the Centrex cloud switchboard which can be sold in MSP mode. Centrex is a virtual switchboard, redundant in the Vianova Data Centers in Pisa and Massarosa, based on an extremely stable and scalable platform that allows for the creation of fixed-mobile convergence and advanced collaboration solutions.

I partner“, Urbani continues, “they can manage the sale, installation, maintenance, invoicing and collection of the services provided through Centrex completely independently, with significant margins. This is a great opportunity for partners who want to increase their value in the market”.
Cloud Vianova

Transparency and respect: the foundations of a partnership

The purpose of the roadshow is to illustrate the details of this opportunity for partners in a timely and transparent manner:

  • single-firm or multi-firm contract
  • recurring fees
  • new voice, data and switchboard solutions
  • an Area Manager always at your side
  • fees for the installation of the equipment
  • rewards for maintaining technical SLAs
  • technical and commercial training

The roadshow is an opportunity for meeting and information, for mutual knowledge and in-depth analysis: a way to illustrate the potential of a partnership that can quickly transform into synergy.

Vianova service: data from 2007 to today

The stages of the Vianova roadshow

What is now the third Vianova roadshow, in this case also touches Sicily with a dedicated stop:

  • Turin – 17 October
  • Milan – 18 October
  • Treviso – 19 October
  • Catania – 20 October
  • Florence – 24 October
  • Rimini – 25 October

Roadshow Vianova

At each stage, Vianova will present its offer, delve into the advantages of the partnership and make its experts available for explanatory one-to-one comparisons. The invitation is particularly addressed to owners and sales managers of ICT and MSP companies who intend to expand (and deepen) their commercial offering, building new value on Vianova to be exploited.

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