Samsung Galaxy S24 should steal a feature from the iPhone 15 Pro

Not a month has passed since the new ones were officially presented iPhone 15, with some substantial differences that are still talked about today. In fact, a new frame has arrived titanium for the top models, offering a huge difference in weight.

It must be said that the 14 Pro and Pro Max models were starting to weigh a lot, making them very difficult to use with one hand. Fortunately in Cupertino they have listened to the criticisms and have shaped a new design that is less flashy but in the eyes of many really nice to look at.

Many users of Samsung believe that it is the case that the South Korean company also replaces its aluminum with titanium, especially after seeing the new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. However, there would be one aspect on which Samsung itself would do better to focus in the opinion of many , and it’s certainly not about aesthetics.

Samsung should take a cue from Apple, not for titanium but for the camera

Given that the cameras of Samsung’s current top-of-the-range cameras, namely the Galaxy S23 Ultra, are among the best in the world, we never stop learning. In fact, this year Apple announced reworked sensors for the cameras of its iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

In combination with the new processor A17 Prothe company said that it was possible to get new magnification cuts on the sensor from 48 MP. By pressing the 1x button you can reach small zoom levels equal to 1,2x 28 mm e 1,5x 35 mm. This means that even with a 1.2x or 1.5x zoom, users will still get good shots. full resolution.

In short, the most powerful sensor is always fully exploited, even with small zooms. Precisely in this regard, this should be the function that Samsung should think about for its new ones Galaxy S24.


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