See how much queue there is at the supermarket and the waiting time in the queue

See the map and choose which supermarket to go shopping for based on what is to be expected, without queuing to enter

see line at supermarkets
One type of application that has become very important in the days of the emergency for Coronavirus and that can be useful in any occasion, is the one that allows you to choose which supermarket to go shopping for based on how many people are in line to enter . Therefore, without going to see for yourself, it is possible check the city map and see, in real time from your PC or smartphone, real-time detection of people waiting in line.
Since it is still not possible to reserve the seat in line as normally happens to book in restaurants and how you can do to avoid queuing at the post office, you must therefore be satisfied with see how long to wait with an estimate of the waiting time in line. This is updated information in real time which can however be decisive for deciding at what time to go shopping and, above all, in which supermarket (if we have more than one near the house).To know how many people there are in one place, for practically any type of commercial activity (shops, restaurants, shopping malls etc.), it is possible to use Google Maps. Just search Google Maps for a supermarket, restaurant or club, touch it or click on it to see the graph with the times with the most visits. Each line of the graph corresponds to a time and the higher it is, the more waiting there is to do to enter. By clicking on the graph you can see how long it would be to wait to enter.
The Google Maps detection system can be considered reliable in normal situations, because it is based on the presence history of the past weeks. Unfortunately, it is completely useless for how many people are there in case of a special event. The estimate of waiting times is therefore completely wrong in the case of special events such as this, in which to enter the supermarket you need to queue.

Fortunately, in the last few days she was born another application all Italian which is not based on the historical, but on the data sent by people in real time. It is the site, born to help people during the Coronavirus epidemic period, which allows to have a much more truthful estimate on how much queue is there to go shopping at the supermarketor.
On the map of Italy, you can zoom in on an area for see the location of open supermarkets and find the ones with the least queue of people waiting, with the indication of time needed to go shopping. For each supermarket there is an indication of the minutes in a row to be done, with a green color if there is little row, orange if there is to wait up to an hour and red if the wait exceeds 60 minutes.
By clicking on the icon of a supermarket you can see, in addition to the waiting time, the number of people in front of us right now if we were already in line. You can also report to the site that you are queuing in that supermarket and help improve data accuracy.
There is nothing else for the moment and although the surveys may not be precise, it is already a great help for those who have more supermarkets near their home and can choose where to go, especially in cities such as Rome and Milan. works to report queues to supermarkets throughout Italy, especially in big cities like Rome, Florence, Milan, Turin and Naples (I haven’t checked the whole map, but it should integrate data from every city and country)

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