See Netflix US or other countries with VPN

Do we want to see Netflix content from another country (for example the USA)? Let’s see what can be done to get around the limitations.

Netflix VPN

Netflix offers different contents for each country in which it is possible to access it: this means that the contents we see on the Italian version of Netflix are profoundly different from those available on Netflix USA or in other countries in the world. For a mere matter of copyright, many contents are not accessible on the Italian site, while on the US version we can find many interesting films and TV series, often unpublished in Italy.

Unfortunately, changing country is not that easy, since Netflix itself must comply with specific copyright rules and cannot make the contents “universal”. In the following guide we will show you in detail what happens when we physically visit another state where Netflix is ​​present and what we can do to change country on Netflix when we are abroad and need to access the catalog of films and TV series we were used to.

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What happens when we travel?

If we are traveling and arrive in a country that has a different Netflix catalog from the one we were used to in Italy, the same streaming company offers a period of “adaptation” lasting a few days: during this period we can still access the Italian catalog, even if physically we are in another country.

Netflix travel

This exception to the rule is offered for all travelers who wish to take Netflix with them without having to use VPNs or other similar systems. Once the days of adaptation have passed, Netflix will notify the user via email and will automatically proceed with the change of catalog: if we remain in the destination country for a long time we will now have access to the local catalog, making it impossible to see the contents of Netflix Italy unless we use a VPN to bypass geographic constraints.

Set up a VPN for Netflix

Precisely to respond to this scenario it is always necessary set up a VPN on the computer on which we use Netflix and which we decide to take with us on a trip: in this way we will always be able to access our Italian catalog without breaking any law.

Not all VPN services are capable of working well on Netflix, as the company uses advanced security systems to prevent the VPN from being used for illegal purposes. We remind you that accessing the Italian catalog while we are abroad is “tolerated”, while accessing the catalogs of other countries while we are in Italy is not allowed (even if the VPN allows it, so it is always advisable to act accordingly).

One of the best VPN services that you can use for Netflix is ​​NordVPN.


This paid VPN service offers a large number of Italian servers that we can connect to for get an Italian IP even when we are out of the country, so that we can always access the Netflix catalog intended for Italy and Italians.

The cheapest subscription is € 3.12 per month (for a 2-year pass), a very affordable price for those who travel a lot during the calendar year. If, on the other hand, we organize only one trip and do not want to use the 2-year pass, we can always subscribe to theone month subscription, sold to just over 10 €.

To use the VPN in question on our laptop we install the dedicated app for Windows, open the app on the computer at the end of the installation, log in with the account created during the subscription phase and, once in the home , we scroll on the map until we find Italy.

VPN connection

Now all we have to do is press on Italy, confirm Connect to Italy and wait a few seconds: as soon as the green warning appears we are connected with the VPN and now, even if we are traveling to a foreign country, we are connected by an Italian IP.

Per properly use Netflix under VPN let’s open one Incognito navigation page of your favorite browser, we open the Netflix site, enter the login credentials of our account and choose which movie or TV series to watch in the Italian catalog. We avoid using the Windows Netflix app or the web browser already used in the past: browser and app cookies may recognize the new connection and prevent viewing.

To learn about other VPN services similar to NordVPN we can read our guide to paid VPN services, so as to find many valid alternatives. We advise against the use of Free VPN: they are very easily blocked by Netflix, so we risk being left out of the Italian catalog.

Risks of a VPN

As mentioned in the introduction, Netflix does not allow you to see content whose rights are exclusive to a particular country: if a TV series is available in the United States it may not be available in Italy. for copyright reasons.

To protect the agreements made in the distribution of TV series and films Netflix is ​​committed to blocking all proxy or VPN connections, showing users the error message “It looks like you are using an unblocker or proxy”. Many VPN services manage to bypass this type of control, but no service offers 100% effectiveness: many times we will have to change multiple servers of the same country before being able to bypass the blocks.

We remind you that using a VPN or others anonymization systems are not allowed on Netflix: if the company detects a high use of encrypted connections it might as well favor the suspension of the Netflix account in use.

In reality it is difficult to see your account suspended, but the advice we can give you is to limit ourselves to using the VPN only when we are really traveling and want to access the Italian catalog. If our purpose is to use the VPN to access Netflix USA, this behavior is not allowed and could affect the use of the account in the future.


People who travel a lot around the world e wants to take Netflix with him must set up a good quality VPN and point it at the Italian servers, so that we can always access the streaming service catalog and continue to see the TV series we are passionate about. The same trick can also be used to access foreign catalogs, but in this case Netflix’s controls tend to be stricter and we will almost certainly encounter some difficulties in the Nintendo, in addition to violating copyright laws.

If we have problems or strange error messages on Netflix we can try the solutions offered in ours dedicated guide, where we have seen all the major errors that you can run into on the streaming service.

If, on the other hand, we are fed up, we can always cancel your Netflix subscription, continuing to use them until the monthly expiration.


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