Pending further details from the Italian division, Sharp also announced for Europe the availability of the EQ3 and EQ4, twin series of smart TVs with Quantum Dot technology and UltraHD resolution.
Sharp announces the EQ3 and EQ4 smart TVs with Quantum Dot in Europe

After showing the models at the Xperience RoadShow 2021 event, the Sharp brand announced the availability also in Europe of its first series of TVs with Quantum Dot technology, explained in the EQ3 and EQ4.

Both Sharp EQ3 and EQ4 series have an aluminum chassis, a material also used for the hollow central support base: the design provides for the almost absence of frames on 3 sides, apart from the chin, which it guards, hidden by horizontal slats in the first series, and a grid in the second, the 30W audio apparatus, calibrated by Harman Kardon, consisting of two tweeters aimed at the user and two woofers oriented downwards, in order to ensure the virtual surround known as DTS Virtual: X (additional to the support however provided towards DTS: X, Dolby Digital, Dolby AC-4, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Atmos tracks).

From the visual point of view, the EQ3 and EQ4 series adopt LCD panels with vertically aligned LEDs, calibrated in the diagonals from 50 to 75, passing through the intermediate cuts of 55 and 65 inches, resolved in UHD: Direct LED and Quantum Dot technologies ensure color accuracy, wide coverage on DCI-P3 (94%) and BT.2020 (78%) color gamut, and great brightness (450/550 nits). Thanks to the Optical Picture Control ambient light sensor it is possible to obtain automatic adjustments to the image rendering, furthermore benefiting from the HDR10, Dolby Visione, HLG formats of the wide HDR dynamic range.

The AQUOS UltraClear, acting as a video processor, reduces noise in movies, and takes care of upscaling, for example by increasing the details: even in the EQ3 and EQ4 series there is a MEMC type video fluidification technology, here called AQUOS Smooth Motion, always based on the interposition of intermediate simulated frames. Also in charge of the aforementioned processor is the decoding of the videos encoded in the AV1, HEVC, VP9 codecs.

In the EQ3 and EQ4 smart TVs the contents are acquired by the decoders for DVB-T2 digital terrestrial and DVB-S2 satellite which support the contents of the HbbTV 2.0.2 hybrid television: the presence, however, of Android 11 under the interface Smart TV allows access to various pre-installed streams (YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video), to which others can be added from the Play Store, also being able to carry out vocal searches thanks to the commands forwarded to the microphone on the remote control. In addition, it is possible to take advantage of the integration of the typical features of the Chromecast.

When it comes to ports, the EQ3 and EQ4 smart TVs feature the Common Interface slot. the one to read the microSD, a headphone output, two USB 2.0, an optical digital output, an RJ45 for Ethernet (however Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are present), the RCA as a composite input for video plus audio, and four HDMI 2.1 with VRR between 48 and 60 Hz, eARC on the first port, Quick Media Switching and ALLM for gamers who, finally, will also appreciate the integration of the Stadia cloud gaming (even if the refresh rate of the panels, 50/60 Hz) it does not appear memorable. For the prices (indicatively provided last year), for the 50 “EQ3 and EQ4 models we are talking about 799 euros, which rise to 899 for the 55”, to 1.199 for the 65 “and to 1.599″ for the 75 ” .


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