Shockproof Smartphone Cover or Film to prevent it from breaking when falling

Protect phone How many times has it happened to you to drop the new phone you just bought and to have experienced that thrill of fear of breaking the front glass, a few moments before lifting it and really seeing the damage?
Unfortunately phones are getting thinner and more delicate as well they can hardly withstand the impact of a fall even from modest heights (1 meter can be enough to break the phone). For this reason, there are various solutions on the market to adequately protect the phone from falls, as long as you give up a part of the aesthetics (protected phones will look bigger and uglier!).
Let's see together in this guide how to prevent your phone from breaking due to an accidental fall showing you all the protection systems that we can use at the moment.

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How to protect your phone from falls

Securing your phone is quite simple and can be done by anyone without necessarily having to go to an expert or a mobile phone shop, as most products can be purchased online on a secure site like Amazon.

Protective films in tempered glass

The first defense that we can use for the phone is the protective film in tempered glass, which is a glass highly resistant to lateral and frontal impacts (it will absorb the blow avoiding the breaking of the glass below).
Tempered glass

Tempered glass films are now available for practically any smartphone, all we have to do is open the Amazon site and search for "tempered glass" followed by the name of our smartphone.
Below we have collected the tempered glass films for the most famous smartphones in circulation:

  • SPARIN 3 Pieces Compatible with iPhone 11 2019 / iPhone XR (8 €)
  • NONZERS Tempered Glass for Samsung Galaxy S20 (14 €)
  • Didisky Tempered Glass for Huawei P Smart 2019 / Honor 10 Lite / P Smart Plus 2019 (€ 8)
  • AHABIPERS (3 Pieces Tempered glass Compatible with Huawei P40 (8 €)

Protective covers

In addition to the tempered glass we can buy a protective cover, which will add thickness to the edges of the phone and allow you to effectively absorb lateral shocks, that is, those bumps obtained when the phone hits the edges (the most dangerous on modern smartphones).
Protective covers

Many of the modern protective cases are transparent and add a few centimeters to the size of the phone, others are colored or even personalized, as also seen in our guide Create custom cases and cases for mobile, iPhone, Samsung etc..
Also in this case we can get the right cover for our phone by opening the Amazon site, looking for "protective cover" and accompanying it with the name of our smartphone.
Below we have collected the protective covers that we can buy for the most famous smartphones in circulation:

  • JETech Cover Compatible Apple iPhone 11 (7 €)
  • opamoo Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 (6 €)
  • Gnews Cover for Huawei P40 Lite (6 €)
  • Cover for Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (7 €)

Book cover

Book cases are a timeless classic that, even if they add a lot of thickness to the phone, allow it to be better protected even from accidental scratches (for example when it is placed in a bag together with keys or other blunt objects).
Cover book

These covers protect very effectively from all impacts and, combined with a tempered glass film, make it virtually impossible to break the phone (always if we don't throw it from the fourth floor!).
Today it is possible to find book covers for any type of phone and with different customizations (colors, fabrics, designs, patterns, etc.): all we have to do is open the Amazon site and enter "book cover" in the search field below from the name of the smartphone in our possession.
As already seen in the previous chapters we have collected below the book covers for the best-selling and famous smartphones:

  • CASEZA iPhone 11 cover (15 €)
  • MOBESV Samsung Galaxy S20 case (12 €)
  • COODIO Case for Huawei P40 Lite (12 €)
  • COODIO Case for Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 (12 €)

Other accessories to protect your phone from falls

In addition to the direct tools for the protection of the smartphone, we can also buy indirect protection tools, which will prevent the smartphone from being in situations where it is easy for it to fall.

For example in the office or in our home study we can keep the phone in a desk holder like the Lamicall Phone Dock Support, on sale on Amazon for less than 13 €.
Desk support

In the car, on the other hand, it is always advisable to use a car holder such as theAUKEY 360 Degree Magnetic Car Phone Holder, on sale on Amazon for less than € 15.
Cell Phone Holder

Other interesting gadgets for the phone can be found in our guide Best mobile accessories and gadgets to add to your smartphone.


Unfortunately, we cannot predict when a fall will occur and if it will damage our phone, but we can do everything to ensure that the damage is as minor as possible by using the protections mentioned in the article, in particular the tempered glass and the book cover (which break the design of the phone but ensure complete protection).

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