10 sites where you can create photo slideshows and videos, with musical accompaniment and various cinema-quality effects

Video sites with photos On PC we can use numerous programs to create videos starting from photos and images, to which we can add music, cover images, start menu and transition effects; many of these programs are provided for free and have nothing to envy to the most famous paid solutions.

The video can then be saved on a DVD and can be viewed as a holiday home movie, on any television; alternatively we can always create a video file in MP4 format and play it on the phone or share it on chats or social networks.

Since these software are widely used and since one way to share these videos is definitely the internet and the web, I think it’s worth seeing which websites allow you to make a music video presentation with your own photographs, so you have a beautiful way to share your photos, without having to install any software.

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One of the best services to create videos with photos, music and transition effects is without a doubt Clideo.
Clideo Clideo is an excellent free site to remix videos and create photo slideshows easily and automatically, without too many difficult steps and without having to create accounts or pay subscriptions to unlock all the functions.

With Clideon we can add 500 MB for free; after uploading the photos from the PC or the cloud, we change their order based on how we want to create the video, add the audio, cut where necessary and set the volume of the music and the effects associated with it; at the end of the work we press the button Export and we choose whether to save the file in the internal memory of the PC, whether to share it or whether to save it on our personal cloud.


The best site to create video presentations from photos is without a doubt Animoto.
Animoto Animoto allows you to make slideshows with special effects similar to those of professional television services. The problem is that it’s not free but you pay for it; the only free option is the test of the service and the possibility of making a video up to 30 seconds long. To be honest, I must say that Animoto remains recommended for those who love this kind of animated montage of photographs but the sites we are going to present, some, do not have much less. The following sites are free instead and some of them truly powerful and able to create high quality video.


Another service that you can use to create videos from photos is Smilebox.
Smilebox Smilebox is a site that turns a series of images into a music video rich in special effects and transitions that animate photos. Unlike Animoto, of which it is very similar, this one is free even if with mandatory registration via Email. The mix of the video in the slideshow can be composed not only of photographs and various images but also of other videos to which custom written texts can be added.

The graphic editor is used with discrete dexterity and simplicity, adding photos, editing music and deciding the graphic effects to be applied when switching from one image to another. The video formats, once the creation is complete, are numerous (such as MP4); the only flaw is that the film is prepared after some time so if you don’t want to wait online you can choose to have the completion notification sent by email. Again, each video has a unique URL to share on the internet or to download the film to your PC.


A site that we can immediately use to create videos starting from images and photos is ImageToVideo.
ImageToVideo ImageToVideo works as an image to video converter, so you can get a simple but effective slideshow. The images that can be uploaded are a maximum of 20, all formats for photos and images are supported (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP) and, to make the video even more spectacular, we can add an audio file as background music. The video can be downloaded to your computer in MP4 format or it can be integrated into a web page via code.

I envy

Another very interesting site that we can use to create videos with photos and images is I envy.
I envy Invideo allows you to create the video clip starting from several photos and adding a song or music, using your own photos from your PC or online services, mounted in a sequence of photos with animated transition effects. Eventually the video can be saved in MP4. The web application is used online without downloading anything, it is quick and easy to use.


One of the best sites we can use to create videos with photos and effects is Magisto.
Magisto With Magisto we can create beautiful videos with special effects, transitions and soundtracks, using both the audio files offered by the service and the MP3 collections in our possession, so that we can create perfect videos for weddings, baptisms and other special events to remember. .

The site works only through registration: we can quickly log in with a Google or Facebook account, so as not to waste too much time in the initial phase. There are also other types of limitations: with the free version we can upload a maximum of 10 photos, we cannot create videos longer than 15 minutes and we cannot download the videos locally; these restrictions can be removed by paying $ 4.99 per month.

After creating the video we can save it locally (only with the premium account active) in MP4 format, so as to make it compatible with all modern Smart TVs but also with other devices (such as smartphones and tablets).

Other sites to create videos from images

In addition to the sites seen above, we can use one of the web services to create videos with photos and images, music and transition effects, so as to always have a valid alternative. The sites that we can use for this purpose are:

  • FlixClip, the best online and free recording studio to create videos professional level, without limitations, for any business project or even hobby, to make presentations, trailers, advertisements or videos of all kinds with photos, images and music.
  • Adobe Expressweb app to create video slideshows with music and voice.
  • Masher is a website that allows you to use a web application that can create videos and movies with music, photographs, texts, special effects and other videos. I) multimedia files can be loaded from the computer but you can also use those made available by the application. The interface and use is simple, similar to the others with drag or drag and drop functionality and also useful to create a video with Facebook photosthose uploaded to your account.
  • Promo is a website with which you can create a video slideshow online and for free, using the photos saved in your Facebook profile or those on your computer. The web application is extremely simple to use thanks to a very intuitive wizard. Then just connect with your Facebook account and then select the photos to include in the video clip; we can choose a music by searching for it online and add special effects among those proposed. At the end of the job it cannot be saved on the PC but it can be shared online in Facebook, in social networks or in other websites via Embed code to be copied and pasted.
  • Glitterly is another great online platform to create videos with animations, effects, stock videos and images in just a few clicks.

The alternatives are certainly not lacking, it will be enough just to test them all to find the favorite one.


Using websites we can create videos with photos and images, music and transition effects, without even having to install programs on your computer. If we need to create a video starting from the photos, open Google Chrome or another modern browser and choose one of the sites seen above to proceed. These sites are very useful on operating systems such as Chrome OSwhich base most of their operation on web apps like the ones seen above.

On the same topic we can read our guides on online video editing sites and to edit videos with remixes and special effects and there best sites to create photo albums and collages.


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