Snapchat: official Snapchat + subscription. Here’s what it offers

After 2 weeks of rumors, the rumors have been confirmed, and the Snapchat + subscription has become official, starting this week in some markets with pre-release features and exclusive bonuses.
Snapchat: official Snapchat + subscription.  Here's what it offers

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Several platforms are launching subscription plans, just think of Twitter, which launched Blue in 2021, initially in Canada and Australia (and then also taking it to New Zealand and the USA) and, more recently, to Telegram, whose subscription offers various tangible benefits, including being able to upload files up to 4GB, and enjoying faster downloads. WhatsApp is also committed to the mission of differentiating its revenue but, first, Snapchat arrived, which has just introduced Snapchat +.

The new subscription service comes after a few weeks of rumors, a month after the statements of the parent company Snap Inc, which asserted in May that it will probably not meet its revenue targets in the second quarter of 2022, also due to of the war in Ukraine.

Snapchat + will cost $ 3.99 a month, and will offer some benefits, such as being able to change the default app icon, being able to fix at the top of the list for two weeks, according to CEO Evan Spiegel’s company release. of conversations, a user who, in this way, will turn out to be their “best friend” (BFF: best friend forever), the possibility of discovering who has looked at their own shared Story more than once, but not only.

Users who subscribe Snapchat + will also be able to preview some experimental functions (pre-release), as if they were paying beta testers, before they are eventually released to general users (although, of course, some functions will remain the prerogative of subscribers). Generally, in most of the subscriptions, content is provided without advertising, which however will not happen in Snapchat +, also due to the fact – as specified by the company’s SVP, Jacob Andreou, – that “the ads will be at the heart of our long-term business model “.

For the moment, Snapchat +, which the company does not see so much as a “new source of material income” but more as a system to allow it to give “priority to the support service”, is starting this week, in the markets of USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates.


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