Spotify: many goodbyes in the podcasting sector, the virtual island on Roblox is underway

Spotify and Roblox have announced a collaboration that brings to the well-known MMO videogame a virtual island dedicated to the well-known streaming service which, in the meantime, bids farewell to yet another executive in the podcast field.
Spotify: many goodbyes in the podcasting sector, the virtual island on Roblox is underway

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Spotify, the famous Swedish streaming directed by Daniel Ek, in the past few hours has taken the limelight and attention of the hi-tech spotlight, curiously just when Facebook was bidding farewell to some recent audio initiatives, confirming the exit of another important executive of his, but also his entry into the playful metaverse of Roblox.

Starting from the destruens part of this short report on the well-known Swedish streaming, Spotify is preparing to say goodbye, after the notice period that will expire in June, to its third largest executive in the podcasting field. In mid-April, Variety reported that executive Courtney Holt, with a past at Atlantic Record, MySpace and MTV Networks, is now head of the platform’s recording studios and video operations (“Head of Talk Partnerships”), essentially the one who has signed Joe Rogan, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and the Obamas, will amicably leave Spotify, although he will remain for a few months as a consultant. Shortly before, Gimlet Media CEO Lydia Polgreen had announced her goodbye, to return to the arms of the New York Times.

Now, it was Michael Mignano’s turn to announce his farewell last week. The executive in question, who in 2015 co-founded Anchor, the platform that many use to upload their do-it-yourself podcasts, bought (like Gimlet Media) from Spotify some time ago, put in charge of the podcasting section and live audio from the famous streaming service, in about 3 years of use in the role, has brought the bouquet of Spotify podcasts from 1 to 4 million.

The constructed part of the recap concerns the binomial music – videogames. In the past, Epic Games’ Fortnite has seen real virtual concerts held in its simulated environment and even the videogame metaverse of the MMO Roblox does not want to be outdone, since it has inaugurated the virtual island of Spotify ( / Spotify-Island), dominated by the green of the well-known streaming.

Here, registered users of the game can collect items, jump on mushrooms used as trampolines, have fun with chopsticks, listen to music from a boombox, collect hearts (likes) scattered around the island to obtain merchandise (which can also be purchased. ), compose songs, and socialize, with other players and artists (for now related to K-Pop, given the presence of an area on the Spotify island, dedicated to this musical genre, and given the collaboration of the artists Sunmi and Stray Kids, who will make their respective lines of digital accessories available for purchase).


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