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Telegram and Giveaway in channels, what they are and how they work

Telegram ranks among the most complete and intuitive instant messaging platforms thanks to the careful and constant work of its developers, who are always ready to implement improvements, to provide effective tools for communicating in a creative, understandable, and simple way, and to listen to user feedback. web. One of the latest features designed by the app team aims to allow people to promote your channel and grow subscribers. It’s about the ability to organize giveaways already popular on social networks, directly in Telegram channels.

Giveaways are good competitions with a prize (or more than one) offered by the organizer. The latter is assigned via random drawing, but the methods are not always clear and verifiable. From today it is possible to do giveaways on Telegram channels with maximum transparency since the platform itself will ensure that the winners are chosen randomly and that they are rewarded.

The prizes that can be offered are different, but the most interesting ones are, without a doubt, free subscriptions to Telegram Premium.

Telegram, how giveaways work

Giveaways on Telegram can be created quickly, taking just a few steps. Once the rules have been selected, the winner of the competition is directly determined by the platform, which will distribute the prizes.

The organizer has full control of the competition, as it will be able to establish the number of winners, which prizes to offer, the duration of the giveaway, and the requirements for participation. For example, you can decide to reserve the competition only for new subscribers to encourage the growth of the channel, or for all subscribers to reward the most loyal followers.

Awardable prizes must be paid in advance by the organizer. Many prizes can also be distributed at a time. To pay you can use the App Store or Google Play, but with limits on transactions, or Fragment.

Telegram and giveaway, how participants are rewarded

If you meet the requirements to participate in a giveaway you are automatically included in the list of possible winners. Those who are selected they receive links with gift codes which will allow you to verify the veracity of the winnings.

For each Telegram Premium subscription given via giveaway, the channel receives some boosts. It’s about boost which can be used to unlock additional features.

The first to organize a giveaway on the platform was the founder and CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov, who has offered up 10 thousand Telegram Premium subscriptions for a total value of 200 thousand dollars, for all subscribers to his channel.

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