Are we looking for a valid alternative to WordPad for our Windows PC? Let’s find out together how to replace it without regrets.

Alternative WordPad

Microsoft seems to want to remove WordPad from the basic Windows package, thus depriving users of the ability to edit documents quickly and without having to necessarily purchase a copy of Office or a periodic license of Microsoft 365.

Fortunately we can easily replace WordPad with some valid totally free alternatives and often even more effective and complete than the program included in Windows (for a short time yet).

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1) Word Online

Word Online

The first effective alternative to WordPad is Word Onlineaccessible for free with a simple Microsoft account. After creating the account, let’s go to the page indicated above and choose Blank document and we write our document as if we were using classic Word.

To modify a document already present on the PC, downloaded from email or obtained from the browser, all we have to do is upload the file to OneDrive and open it from the Word Online interface; on Windows 11 and Windows 10 it’s all very simple, given that OneDrive is integrated into the system.

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2) Google Docs

Google documents

Another very effective tool to use as an alternative to WordPad is Google Docsusable for free with any Google account (Android accounts, YouTube accounts and Gmail accounts are also fine).

By opening the site we can immediately take advantage of one of the available models to get started; if instead we wanted to create a blank sheet, just press on Empty and start writing as if we were on Word.

To modify documents already present on the PC, the shortest way is to upload them to Google Drive and edit them later from Google Docs or Drive online, immediately accessing the text editor seen above.

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3) LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice Writer

If we want to use a program that can be installed on the computer (and not only works online) the best alternative to WordPad is LibreOffice Writerincluded within the free and open source office suite.

By installing this suite we can easily edit any .DOC and .DOCX file without having to use conversion tools or online sites.

If, however, we wanted to create a new text document on the fly, all we have to do is open the Start menu and search LibreOffice Writeropen the program and start writing as on Word, using a truly complete and functional editor (in some ways superior to WordPad).

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4) AbiWord


A program very similar to WordPad in terms of weight and lightness it is without a shadow of a doubt AbiWorddownloadable as a program to install on Windows but also as program portable (without installation).

This text editor makes lightness one of its strengths and allows you to write easily as if we were on WordPad. It supports editing text documents but, as often happens with unofficial Word programs, some fonts and formatting are not available, thus generating some errors in the text or display.

5) FocusWriter


An excellent alternative to WordPad that we can try immediately on PC is FocusWriteravailable as portable software without installation.

Using this program we will have a very simple interfacewithout any buttons or elements that distract while writing; we therefore just have to type and write, as if we were using a typewriter. The program automatically saves every change and has convenient keyboard shortcuts to replicate the operation of the keys (normally used also on other editors).


These are without a doubt the best alternatives to WordPad to write on PC for freewithout necessarily having to rely on a Microsoft 365 subscription to be able to edit a simple document.

The advice is to use WordPad while it is still present within the system, but already choose one of the alternatives proposed above, so as to be ready when Microsoft decides to remove WordPad from all systems.

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