App Mixer DJ Today DJs no longer work with turntables and records but with a laptop or, if they want to stay light, even just with a tablet or smartphoneon which you just need to install the right application to have a professional console and mix records and songs like any David Guetta would do.

So if you wanted to have something more than just a sequential playlist of songs and you wanted to have a DJ console to enjoy listening to musicin the following guide we have collected The best free apps to use for mixing records, mixing music and selecting songs using knobs and creating fades like DJs do in the disco.

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App for mixing records and music on iPhone and iPad

1) YouDJ Mixer is the best iPad and iPhone app for all aspiring DJs. The app offers two virtual plates and numerous buttons and functions to mix music according to our tastes, also providing samples and a recording system to be able to create the mixed music and save it in a music file.

2) WeDJ for iPhone is an iPhone-only app dedicated to mixing locally saved music tracks. In this case we will have access to a customizable timeline in which to combine two or more songs and sound effects, for a truly effective mix (as if we were in front of the PC).

3) Cross DJ is among the best apps for mixing records and music on iPhone and iPad. Also in this case we will have two virtual turntables to mix two songs, mixing functions at your fingertips and the possibility of downloading or uploading the music created on SoundCloud, so as to make our DJ skills known to other people.

4) DJ Mixer Studio is a complete DJ app with everything: mixing decks, pitchers, fading functions and special filters (Echo, Flanger, Rewind, Filter and more) to make the music you create truly unique.

5) PaceMaker is a free app for iPhone and iPad that is very innovative compared to the others, with graphics that allow you to mix music in a different way, which according to the developers is much easier. The app can be installed for free and has a really important feature, it can be connected to Spotify to mix tracks in streaming via the internet, which is very unique and useful, to mix any song even if you don’t have it stored on the memory.

App for mixing records and music on Android

1) DJ Studio 5 is the Android app for real DJs, with two turntables that spin on the screen and an interface that makes it easy to change songs and mix tracks as it would with a real mixer.

2) DJ Mix Remix Music is an Android app simpler than the previous one to mix songs and tracks automatically, without having to press too many keys (ideal for novice users who just want to have some fun).

3) Cross DJ it’s the same app also seen for iPhone and iPad, with two turntables to use for mixing, special effects worthy of a real DJ and the ability to save the mixes created.

4) edjing Mix is another valid Android app for those who want to mix their favorite songs and tunes, using a clear and simple interface, equipped with powerful instruments and cymbals.

5) Beat Maker Pro is an app for Android that was born as a game but can become a real DJ tool: in fact, the app allows you to play the latest hits to the beat and offers the possibility to create your own hits and favorite mixes by simply pressing the keys.

Programs to mix records and music on PC and Mac

1) The first program to try is Virtual DJ, available free of charge. VirtualDJ has all the standard tools and basic effects for mixing music using virtual knobs and turntables. Thanks to the graphic display of sound waves, the ear is supported by the eye to mix and overlay music tracks without confusing the beats. The program is complete and works like a charm, usable at home without limits.

2) PCDJ Dex LE is the free version of one of the most powerful DJ software for PC, which includes tablet mode and automix. The user interface of this DJ software is very modern and intuitive, you can drag songs to one of the decks to play them, with mixing options to control bass, speed, BPM, resonance, frequency and many tools to add effects to playback current.

3) Cross DJ 4 is an application available for Mac and for Windows. The free Mac desktop version makes room for video sampling at the top, but it only works on the paid version. The app works as a complete DJ console, with turntables for mixing, scratching, rewinding, adding effects, activating automixing and much more. While being a product that will eventually have to be paid for to get its best features, this free version of Cross DJ doesn’t have any time limitation even though it lacks MIDI support for external instruments, samplers, quantizer tool and other professional stuff.

4) mixx it’s a big one free DJ software for Windows PC and Mac, really powerful and full of features, maybe better than Virtaul DJ which is more limited. Mixx had already been reported in the past in the article on programs for mixing and creating music for professional djs on pc.

5) Serato DJ Lite is another valid free DJ application to download for Windows and Mac. The program brings all the tools of the professional DJ to the screen of the laptop or PC, so as to be able to effectively mix two or more songs and add the most beautiful effects.


Once a mix session has been created, it can be recorded and uploaded online to a site such as Mixcloudthe premier online meeting place for amateur and professional DJs or at Soundcloud, the social network where you can upload your own music.

For more information, read our guide to best apps for making music and playing on android and iphone.


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