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Threads, how to delete your account without deleting your Instagram account

Threads is Meta’s new social network which has the ambitious goal of challenging X, the former Twitter currently owned by Elon Musk, who purchased the platform in recent months for 44 billion dollars. Threads was made by the Instagram team and is strongly connected to social media.

To be able to access it, it is sufficient to use the Instagram account without having to create another one, but this has also entailed, at least until now, some downsides. For example, it was impossible to delete a Threads account without also deleting the Instagram one. A situation that has finally been remedied.

Threads, deleting your account without deleting your Instagram account is now possible

Meta developers have worked hard to allow users to delete their Threads account without having to give up that of Instagram. The problem, as confirmed by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri through a post on the platform, has been officially removed.

The solution is currently in the implementation phase and will be released to most users soon. It won’t be the only change that will arrive on the platform since, even if the social network struggles to take off, Meta seems intent on investing further in the platform and continues to release new features based on member feedback. In particular, some will arrive relating to Privacy which will allow you to receive updates of Threads posts directly on Facebook or Instagram.

How to delete your Threads account without compromising Instagram

Deleting your Threads account, without deleting your Instagram account, will be simple. Just a few clicks will be enough. First of all, you need to go to your personal profile and access the account settings. Here you can choose to deactivate your profile or delete it.

If you decide to deactivate it, the contents shared on Threads will no longer be visible until the user reactivates it. Deletion of the account is permanentbut it can be canceled within 30 days from when you carry out the cancellation procedure.

Threads, everything you need to know

Threads will probably arrive in Europe in an already perfected version, with the account deletion feature already implemented and other built-in improvements. Although the debut took place several months ago, the platform is not yet accessible for many European users, for reasons related to regulations regarding the protection of privacy. The launch in our territory could take place in the not too distant future.

Using tricks and shortcuts, it is possible to use Threads also in Europe, but it is strongly discouraged and Meta is doing everything necessary to prevent this from happening. You’ll have to wait a little longer to use the company’s Twitter alternative.

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