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If we have received a notification about the transition of Instagram and Facebook to paid, we are not faced with the usual spam or a fake app: this time Meta is serious and offers a subscription for all European usersin an attempt to stabilize the position towards European privacy law.

Those who haven’t understood anything need not worry: we have collected the information below useful information to know about paid Instagram and Facebookso we can understand what it really means and what we can do to continue use the two services without paying anything.

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1) What does paid Instagram and Facebook mean

To comply with European privacy regulations (GDPR) Facebook and Instagram have customized their services giving users the opportunity to choose whether to continue using it for free with advertising or sign up for a subscription to remove ads from pages and posts entirely.

It adds to this that the people who decide to subscribe they will be sure that their information shared on the social network will not be used for advertisements and for profiling, which clearly shows how Facebook and Instagram have been making money up until now.

So in the end the choice is ours alone: ​​we can decide to continue use Instagram and Facebook totally free by choosing to view advertising (and be profiled by the Meta company, which will earn from such profiling) or to increase the level of privacy by paying a subscription and removing both advertising and profiling from our profile.

2) How much does paid Instagram and Facebook cost

If we decide to follow the subscription route, you should know that the price varies depending on whether we activate the subscription from the website or from mobile.

The price is €9.99 per month on the web o di €12.99 per month by starting your subscription from the mobile app for iPhone and Android.

The subscription will be valid for both the Facebook account and the Instagram account: we will not have to pay for two separate subscriptions, assuming that they are both linked to the same Meta account, i.e. they are accessible from Meta Account Management Center.

We must add that until March 1, 2024 the subscription will cover all accounts connected to the Account Management Center seen above; after that date for each account we add to the Account Management Center will be added at a cost of €6 per month for subscriptions made from the web e €8 per month for those activated via mobile apps.

3) Change ad settings

To change the ad settings (especially if we have chosen the free version by mistake) all we have to do is open the Instagram or Facebook app on our phone, press Settingspress on Account Management Centerpress on Ad preferences and press on No additional costs with advertsso you can change the voice and activate a subscription.

From a PC, however, just open any browser and take us to the link Account Management Centerlog in with your Facebook or Instagram account and press on the same menu seen above, i.e Ad preferences.


The subscription for Instagram and Facebook It seems more like an attempt by Meta to impose paid social mediaafter years of money generated thanks to the revenues and profiling carried out on unaware users (who thought they were using a free service without profit).

The subscription might also be a good idea for those who value privacy, but first it should be verified whether profiling is actually turned off for subscribers or if the company still makes money from activity on Instagram and Facebook apps and websites.

Still on the subject of social privacy we can read the guides on Facebook privacy management come on what friends and strangers see about me on Facebook; guide to privacy settings.


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