Twitter: simplified the creation of GIFs, new round for the Brand Bracket 2022 contest

While the contest that highlights the most popular brands on Twitter continues, the platform of the blue canary has announced the simplification in the creation of personal GIFs using the cameras of the iPhones (and iPads).
Twitter: simplified the creation of GIFs, new round for the Brand Bracket 2022 contest

Last February, Twitter released the data of its last quarterly of 2021, confirming that it had added 6 million new users on an annual basis (only 1 of which in the USA), and increased revenue by 22% bringing them to a total of 5 billion dollars, with the aim of obtaining another 100 million new monthly active users by 2023, that is, in the next two years. In doing this, the improvements to the platform will be very important, such as the exemplification of the user experience, and the initiatives to involve users.

In the past few hours, Twitter, through an official twitter, has announced the launch of a novelty related to the GIF, the animated images that have cheered us for about 35 years. On Twitter in 2019 the function that allowed to transform the live photos of iOS generated by iPhones into personal GIFs was introduced: something similar has been introduced now, still only for iOS.

Specifically, it is the possibility of creating your own GIFs, original, and not like the usual ones taken from successful television programs, films or series, using the camera of the iPhone and iPad: in doing this, you will simply have to enter as al usually in the tweet composer, and access the shortcut for the Twitter Camera. Here, next to the items for Live, Capture and Video, there is now also the GIF item which, exploited, by holding down the record button, will allow you to record your GIF on the fly, to be included in the post for publication or saving of the same as draft.

Asked about this, a spokesman for the blue canary did not unbalance the possible arrival of the novelty for Android, binding it to the feedback that will come from iPhone users.

The second Twitter initiative responds to the name of Brand Bracket 2022. This is a competition, now in its second edition, which compares, in front of users, 16 of the brands that make people laugh, connect to what is happening, ignite conversations and create engagement. The official Twitter Marketing account reported that 4 brands gained access to round two, including @Delta and @Pringles for those who can turn on the conversations, and @SourpatchKids and @Wendy for the most iconic mascots.


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