Twitter works on notifications for themed search results

In the past few hours, the analysis of an Alpha version of Twitter has made it possible to ascertain how a function is being developed at the blue canary that would allow you to keep up to date on new tweets falling within the scope of a research carried out.
Twitter works on notifications for themed search results

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Recently, the social network Twitter has expanded the availability of the Circle function, which allows you to share your chirps with a more intimate audience, compared to the general one: well, the programmers of the team of CEO Parag Agrawal did not stop there and , according to what has been discovered, they have started to develop a useful improvement for notifications, perhaps destined – like others – to the Blue subscription plan.

To date, the application of the blue canary lends itself more than well to showing push notifications, but in relation to the latest tweets published by those who follow you: if you want more versatility, it is necessary to use the TweetDeck client (acquired for some years by Twitter) which, among the many options in this regard, also allows columns notifications, by reason of which it is possible to set notifications for various categories (tweets, mentions, lists, etc) but also for contents.

Something similar, according to Dylan Roussel, editor of 9to5google, has just been spotted, in the backend code of the latest Twitter release in Alpha version, with the name of “Search Subscribe”: thanks to the forcing of the feature, which was sent to execution up to a certain point, it has been assumed for now that, using the feature in question, when performing a search on a given topic, a bell will appear next to the search bar.

By intervening on this symbol, you will be greeted by the notice “you are subscribed to receive push notifications for Tweets on” (followed by the term searched), which highlights how, from now on, you will receive notifications when tweets appearing that are relevant to what just searched (a bit like the Google Alert function). Unfortunately, the forcing of the execution of “Search Subscribe” did not go further, since the novelty is still under development and, therefore, it was not possible to ascertain anything else.

Specifically, it is not clear at the moment if notifications for searches will be forwarded in real time, with potential problems in the case of very popular topics, or if they will be grouped in periodic submissions, which could be in some ways more comfortable and less annoying. , but also less useful when it comes to following some ongoing events.


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