WhatsApp kicks off the week with two new features for business accounts

From the WABetaInfo leakers come two discoveries related to WhatsApp, with business accounts that, waiting to be able to benefit from a shortcut to create orders from within the chats, have obtained a small feature to track their ads
WhatsApp kicks off the week with two new features for business accounts

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The famous WhatsApp messaging, the first to have retired the obsolete (and expensive) SMS system, has recently been attentive to the usual investigative activity of the leakers, who have uncovered two new features, one in release and one in development, related to corporate accounts.

The first novelty relating to WhatsApp resulted in the release of the new beta of WhatsApp Business, within which, in the “Advertising on Facebook” section, there is now also the “Manage” tab, making use of which companies can check the ads configured for the action “Click on WhatsApp” (“Click to WhatsApp”) although, for now, in tracking them in detail, waiting for it to be done also and directly from the new discovered card, it is still necessary to enter Facebook.

The second change also concerns companies and therefore business and non-standard accounts. Specifically, it is a new evolutionary step for the function, under development, aimed at making orders easily created from within the chats, initially spotted in early June.

Ordunque, the new discovery, sanctioned by various screenshots published on the net, has made it possible to deepen the functioning of the function which, after the intervention on the link to the orders, placed inside the sharing menu (where there are already shortcuts to share media, documents, contacts, etc), will open the new section entitled “Create order” in which the company will only have to add the items, ie the articles, specify the quantity, to have the automatic calculation of the partial total.

Once the order is completed, it will be shared automatically in the same chat from which it was created. It should be noted, according to WABetaInfo, that the new discovery was made in a beta of WhatsApp Desktop, although the function is destined to be released, again in favor of company accounts, also in the beta of WhatsApp for Android and iOS. As always happens with unconfirmed discoveries, albeit coming from reliable sources, as in the case of WABetaInfo, what is explained must be taken with due caution, since what is in development may never make its debut, or do so in forms and modus different operands from what was evidenced in the original discoveries.


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