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WhatsApp, message search and more intuitive interface: what’s new

The work of WhatsApp developers is incessant. They constantly work to improve the interface of all versions of the application and for those who use the platform from personal computers, making it increasingly intuitive and efficientand to add new features that can guarantee an experience that is as satisfying as possible for users.

Recently, she was released a new interfacestill in testing phases and available only to some lucky users who use the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS and Android, and a highly requested feature and waiting regarding messages. Let’s find out what it is and what changes to expect.

WhatsApp, developers working on a new interface: all the details

Making the complex simple. This is the goal that WhatsApp developers want to achieve by working on the interface and making it highly intuitive and simple to use. Despite the growing number of features and tools on the platform, the instant messaging app wants to remain accessible to everyone, even those who find it more difficult to interface with devices and digital technology.

In detail, the new interface will feature new icons which will make navigation within the application easier and which will take on a more modern look. But it doesn’t end here. New green sections will be added on iOS. On Android, on the contrary, a new white top bar will be inserted.

Search messages by date, the most desired feature is coming

If the interventions on the interface are particularly useful, another is the most awaited function of the moment on WhatsApp. It’s about the possibility of to research the messages sent and received in the past with greater precision than keyword research.

In detail, users will be able to quickly search for the messages they need by choosing a date. The developers are working on a calendar button that will allow users to open a panel where you can select the specific date and probably a date range. This will make your searches more relevant and avoid having to scroll through large, long date histories.

At the moment the feature is under development and it is only available to a few lucky users who use the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS and who can test it in preview to identify its strengths, possible errors and bugs. It cannot be ruled out that this function will also be implemented on WhatsApp Web in the future to allow all users to have the same user experience.

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