WhatsApp: “My contacts except” check more popular

The implementation of the news in the WhatsApp home often proceeds in small steps, with the famous messaging in green which, in the past few hours, has made available to more beta testers the function that ensures a more granular control of privacy for various sensitive elements of their own. profile.
WhatsApp: control more widespread

Meanwhile Android users play with the 37 new emojis taken from Unicode 14 (112 considering the various options, 75 with the combination of skin tones), WhatsApp is already looking ahead and, as confirmed by the WABetaInfo leakers, has already put another novelty is available.

Specifically, Menlo Park has distributed the new beta for Android, downloadable from the Play Store (after registering on the testers page) or more quickly from the ApkMirror online archive: installed this release, a greater number of users is be prepared to use the “My contacts except” option on the categories concerning, among the privacy settings, the last access (to see the last time you accessed the platform), the profile photo (which usually can be opened and saved by your contacts), your profile information (about, i.e. what is under your name in the contact card).

The leakers who reported on this now more widespread implementation, after the first timid activations 4 months ago with the beta for Android, announced that the improvement in question could also have been spotted by users in possession of the previous beta 2.22 .8.7, which has made available – also in this case to multiple testers – a function, that of the global player, which allows you to play a message received in a chat even when you leave it, perhaps to enter another chat.

A second warning issued by the WABetaInfo leakers about the “All my contacts except” option brought as a dowry with the beta release of WhatsApp for Android refers to the fact that it may be necessary to wait up to 24 hours to see if the your account is one of those that have benefited from this improvement aimed at granting more granular control over particular sensitive information on your chat profile.

Last but not least, the experts found it useful to recall a particular specificity of today’s novelty. In particular, by setting the new option, therefore excluding some contacts, for the last access, you will no longer be able to see that of others: the same thing, however, does not concern the profile image and the about information.


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