WhatsApp: news related to status updates and disappearing messages

Work continues unabated to improve WhatsApp instant messaging which, lately, has devoted itself to status updates and the disappearing messages function.
WhatsApp: news related to status updates and disappearing messages

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The famous WhatsApp messaging is continuously working to improve the user experience of its users. To testify this are some new discoveries made by the feature trackers of WABetaInfo, which have allowed us to ascertain improvements for status updates, and for the function of messages that disappear.

In recent days, WhatsApp’s intention has emerged to work on a function that would have allowed to set up multiple chats together for the disappearing messages function: apparently, that of disappearing messages is one of the areas of greatest interest of Menlo Park , which would also have begun to develop a new introductory page in this regard. It was the leakers of WABetaInfo who noticed this, who started the beta release of WhatsApp for Android.

Inside, by rummaging through the relevant lines of the code, traces of the aforementioned introductory page were found, with a header image at the top followed by a label and a caption, whose text is currently generic, as well as of the three statements below, each beginner with a different icon.

In particular, the last one, in the form of a bookmark, will almost certainly allude to the possibility of keeping some messages, even with the disappearing message regime activated. This makes it clear why a new introductory page has turned out to be in development, and not already released: given the non-debut of one of the points it deals with, it is likely that, only after the arrival of the function that will allow you to keep some messages in disappearing messages regime, the aforementioned page can be made fully operational.

Before that, with the beta release for Android, but also in favor of those who have received the new caption display, a revisitation of the textual status updates has been distributed, due to which the selectors for emoji , the text, and the background color migrate from the lower left to the upper right of the screen.

Still regarding the status updates, WABetaInfo has discovered another future news. Specifically, analyzing a beta for iOS it was discovered how WhatsApp is working on a system that generates advanced previews for shared links as status updates: the screenshot extracted by the leakers concerns a version of iOS, where the links do not generate previews to date. , but it will also arrive on Android, where instead the links already generate previews, but with less details than what is in development.


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