Windows Update Restored: the site with updates for classic versions of Windows

An interesting project has recently been launched, offering access to Windows updates for older versions of this operating system.

We are talking about the site Windows Update Restored which, thanks to the work of a close-knit community, provides assistance to those who install and update OS like Windows 95, NT 4.0, 98 e XP.

The compatibility pages of the site also talking about Windows Server 2003as well as voices Vista and newer versions of Windows, indicating that these may also be included in the project in the future.

Users who take care of this initiative warn site visitors that it is not an official project supported by Microsoft. Therefore the use of updates is in no way related to related responsibilities of the project managers. In this regard, we speak of an archive for the sole purpose of preserving the various versions of the operating systems involved.

Seen through today’s eyes, these updates can appear somewhat singular. Taking into consideration Windows 95for example, we are talking about critical update packages of only 3.1 MB, of the installation of DirectX 8a just over ten MB.

With Windows Update Restored, the old versions of Microsoft OS come back to life

Operating systems such as Windows Me e Windows 2000 they are not yet supported by Windows Update Restored. However, as is mentioned in the video above, a possible future support for these OSes is feared.

Although this project may be interesting, both for users who have experienced this period firsthand and for the younger ones, the dangers associated with these operating systems should not be forgotten.

the eats Windows 10 and, even more Windows 11are in fact much safer than outdated work environments that do not receive security updates for years (if not decades). Beyond a few experiments, therefore, for common online activities it is not recommended to use outdated versions of the Microsoft operating system.



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