With iOS 17.1 there will be a major change to the action button

If anyone hadn’t noticed yet, the new ones iPhone 15 present a new action button, at least as far as the top models are concerned. The 15 and 15 Pro Max show this great innovation directly above the volume rocker, which has officially replaced the usual switch dedicated to silent.

The new button can be set to your liking, so that a certain action is performed once pressed. To customize it, users must go to the settings and choose the appropriate item that recalls the action button. The first thing that can be set harks back to the past, allowing users to select whether to enable or disable the silent.

By swiping left and right in this new menu, there will be many other options, such as turning on the torch, the voice memo, the magnifying glass, and much more, although not too much. In fact, users would have liked Apple to implement a system that could also set actions relating to various types of applications on that button.

New features coming to the action button on the new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max with iOS 17.1

A change seems to be coming to the action button with the new software update iOS 17.1. Within the new beta, more precisely the third, there will be something new that will prevent it accidental activation of the action button when the smartphone is in task.

In fact, more users have reported that they found the flashlight turned on or the silent setting set, for example, simply by having the smartphone in their trouser pocket. Precisely in this regard, Apple, using the proximity sensors of the iPhones, will allow the latter to detect that the smartphone is in your pocket. The action button will then ask for a longer press to activate.

You won’t need to configure anything in the menus, everything will be automatic once you have updated.


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