X launches two new subscriptions: Premium Plus and Basic

If there is one social platform that has changed, and quite a bit, over the last year, it is certainly it X. What was previously known as Twitter today it is entrusted to the management of Elon Muskwhich between questionable and otherwise choices, continues to talk about its digital square.

And just as announced by the entrepreneur himself a few days agoon X are now available two new subscriptions with related benefits.

X Premium Plus and Basic: prices and differences of the two new subscriptions

The great news of X is certainly Premium Plus, which brings with it all the features of Premium and three other noteworthy innovations. For those who choose this tierIndeed, no more advertisements will appear in For you e Followedlonger answers will be highlighted and you will be able to access theentire suite of tools for creators.

X Premium Plus it is already available in Europe too: its price is 16 euros per month. Of note, there is also a 12% discount on the annual plan, which therefore costs 168 euros instead of 192 euros.

The plan costs significantly less but has a reduced number of features Basic. In fact it only costs $3 a month (which should become 3 euros in Europe, when available) but does not allow the user to obtain the blue verification badge. Basic subscribers, then, will not receive part of the advertising revenue revenues (Ads Revenue Sharing) and will continue to see advertisements both in For you that in Followed.

In short, all things considered, it seems that the only truly noteworthy advantage is that of slight increase in the visibility of published posts.

At the moment it is possible to sign up for a Premium+ or Basic subscription only via the web. Furthermore, for those who are already Premium users and who want to upgrade to a new tier, cancellation of the current subscription is required.

Speaking of X, another important new feature recently added is the introduction of audio and video calls. Here are the details.


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