YouTube: Google presents two new AI-based features

Google is investing heavily inartificial intelligence and it wants all its products to be able, in one way or another, to embrace it in the best possible way. Today Big G announced that two new features based onGenerative AI designed to enhance the experience on YouTube.

YouTube: testing two new AI features

As for videos with Fairly long comment threadYouTube will leverage artificial intelligence to organize them into themes or topics, so as to simplify the conversation between users. In turn, creators, Google explains, can use these “summaries” to participate in discussions or draw inspiration for new content to upload to their channel.

The arguments are based solely on published commentstherefore those awaiting review or which contain terms that cannot be used on the platform are not taken into consideration.

The test is currently only available for YouTube for smartphones and tablets and only for videos in English that have a lot of comments.

YouTube - Feature AI comments topics

The second novelty concerns a tool conversational artificial intelligence able to provide answers to questions about a video you are watching. The tool can provide basic information, suggestions for similar content, and more. All without ever interrupting playback of the content. For educational videos, then, AI is capable of generate quizzes through which the user can practice on the specific topic.

YouTube Conversational AI

From the press release we learn that the first feature described above (comments divided by topics) is already available for all abbonati a YouTube Premium. For those who don’t know, this subscription also opens the doors to experimental features. As for conversational AI, it will be available within a few weeks.


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