Zero-click attacks: Kaspersky's advice to avoid the worst

If it’s true that clicking on unknown links, suspicious file downloads e launching executable files of dubious origin can be dangerous actions, sometimes much less is enough to compromise your PC.

In recent times, in fact, the dreaded ones are spreading online zero-click vulnerability. These, as it is easy to imagine, have the frightening ability to infect a device even without any active action on the part of the victim.

Malware capable of exploiting these exploits is among the most sought after in the world Dark Web. Through operations of this type, in fact, i cybercriminali they can achieve a level of effectiveness far superior to any other type of campaign malware.

Cases of zero-click attacks like that of Operation Triangulation, have caused a difficult to quantify amount of damage. Similar speech for spyware Intellexa Predatoractive on iOS e macOS.

But is this type of attack really that relentless or is it possible to somehow prevent infections?

Stop zero-click attacks: how to avoid disasters

To reveal how to act to avoid the worst is Kasperskythrough a series of behaviors that every user should follow.

First of all, it is good to always maintain updated one’s antivirusil browser and the operating system. In this way it is possible to benefit from the protection provided by the developers, who are constantly looking for vulnerabilities to eliminate with more or less frequent updates.

In the corporate context, it is good to take care of training on the part of the security officers. Courses and studies should never end, given the continuous evolution of the Web and its countless dangers. Also in this context, adopting adequate procedures and security suites is at least a must.

Returning to simple users, it is good to remember how for users iOS it is possible to use the block mode. This can help limit the damage in the event of a zero-click attack, especially given the fact that, as already mentioned, the Apple environment is not free from this threat.


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