OpenAI, the reason for Altman's dismissal and the waltz of the new CEOs

Suddenly, during Friday evening, Sam Altman was officially fired from OpenAI, thus leaving his role as CEO. The decision came following a deliberative review process of advisereached these conclusions following some events.

The board itself reportedly found that Altman was not “consistently truthful” regarding his relationships with other members. In a post published on the company’s official blog, this lack of transparency is described as an obstacle to the board’s ability to effectively fulfill its responsibilities.

This was followed by declarations of love from Sam Altman on Twitter about his time at OpenAI with a hint of future plans. For the appointment of interim CEO, the rumors spoke of the previous CTO of OpenAI, Mira Murati. In the following hours, however, this role was entrusted to the CEO of Twitch, Emmet Shear who replaced Murati after two days, who could choose to leave the company.

Altman leaves OpenAI over internal disagreements over AI safety

From the first moment, the reasons why Sam Altman was relieved of his role as CEO were not clear. Some very reliable sources report on some internal disagreements regarding safety of artificial intelligence and the speed of development.

Playing a key role in Altman’s firing would have been OpenAI’s chief scientist and co-founder, Ilya Sutskever.

Very insistent rumors yesterday would have seen the possibility of a return of Altman, but this will not be the case. An important chapter has therefore closed for the famous company that gave birth to the most famous chatbot in the world, ChatGPT. We will carefully follow the implications of the coming weeks.


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